Zakharova commented on the statements of the American ambassador

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the statements made by the US ambassador to Tokyo during a meeting with some media outlets reveal what US ambassadors around the world are currently practicing.

Zakharova stated that Ambassador Richard Emmanuel, during his speeches, disclosed the contents of the instructions he and his colleagues had received from the US State Department, including:

1- Promoting American-style “commercial diplomacy” (in this case trade, there is no hint of trade here). We are talking here about the obvious politicization and ideologization of purely commodity-financial relations. The goal is to cut economic ties between US satellites and China as much as possible. The ambassador’s words are evidence of this: “The United States and Japan will continue to deal more aggressively with each other and with other safe and stable countries, amid fears of the consequences of the Covid epidemic, the war in Ukraine and economic coercion from China.”

2- Emmanuel does not hide how a serious transformation of the mentality and thinking of the giants of business in Japan can be achieved. If earlier the position of companies was usually determined by “cost and efficiency”, now it is achieved by “stability and sustainability”. The US Ambassador proudly states that the Japanese are “willing to pay more to avoid sanctions and instability.” But in fact, here we are talking about the usual cheap blackmail by the Americans.

3- Encouraging militarism and the emergence of new hot spots. Emmanuel highly appreciates the proposal of Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on a significant increase in the country’s defense budget and the comprehensive strengthening of Tokyo’s military potential. Earlier, the Japanese Prime Minister did not rule out the possibility of inflicting preemptive strikes on enemy bases as part of the revision of the national defense strategy.

Here, Zakharova believes, Washington, instead of restraining such reciprocal tendencies among the ruling elite of Japan, through its ambassador, publicly pushes Japan to completely abandon the restrictions in the military sphere provided for by the country’s constitution. Zakharova quoted the words of the US ambassador: “It is considered an honor for the prime minister that he realized what is happening in this region and in the world – Japan must act in a way that it has not done in the past.”

Source: Zakharova’s Telegram channel

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