Zakharova Addresses Diplomatic Relations Break with Poland

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that Russia has the right to break diplomatic relations with Poland, but first of all this will affect the Russians who live and work there.

She said on the air of the program “Sunday Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” on the TV channel “Russia-1”: “Who is the first to suffer from such decisions? What is happening now. I’m talking about our compatriots who live there, work there and have families.”

She pointed to another category of people who may be in a vulnerable position – these are citizens, as well as those people who have Polish passports and passports of other countries.

And the State Department spokeswoman referred to another category: “Let’s not forget and remind each other about the number of people who left because they have no other choice, from the territory of Ukraine through the territory of Poland in recent times, and which, including the Polish authorities were not able to pass through Kaliningrad. “Or Belarus, to get to lands close to their regions, but on the territory of Russia. Many of them remained there. That is, all these people Need help. What? Paperwork, issuance of certificates, confirmation their status. It’s a huge job.”

“In addition, representatives of the Russian Foreign Ministry are also involved in the restoration of memorials in Poland. They need to defend the integrity of Soviet monuments, given the number of cases of vandalism in the country,” adds Zakharova.

On Saturday, local authorities and police in Warsaw broke into a Russian embassy school and broke down the door. Andrzej Ordasz, an adviser and envoy at the Russian embassy in Poland, said school staff were ordered to leave the building before 6:00 pm.

For its part, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that Warsaw’s “daring” step “will not remain without a harsh reaction and consequences for the Polish authorities and Poland’s interests in Russia.”

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