Yellow card for 52 thousand pounds sterling.. Was the Arsenal star involved in a bet with the mafia?

The English Football Association has been investigating since January last year allegations that Arsenal player Granit Tjaka may have deliberately received a yellow card during a match against Leeds United.

And the British newspaper The Daily Mail pointed out that Xhaka was oddly wasting time during a match against his host Leeds United (4-1) in the Premier League last December in order to receive a warning, at the same time, when bets abounded on the Swiss, the Swiss star got that £52,000 yellow card paid out in cryptocurrencies.

And it came to the British National Crime Agency, whose investigation revealed the possibility of involvement of the Albanian mafia in this particular incident, reports today, Friday, the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

The British authorities believe that bets are taking place in the cryptocurrency market in violation of all rules and laws, and that manipulations are taking place in several countries outside the UK, primarily in Albania.

So far, Granit Tjaka has not been charged with involvement in the Albanian mafia in this case by either the British authorities or the English Football Association, but it is possible that events will develop, judging by what the ongoing investigations since the beginning of this year will show.

Notably, 29-year-old Granit Tjaka, of Albanian origin, had a famous incident at the 2018 World Cup in Russia when he was fined a financial gesture for making a hand gesture depicting the Albanian eagle symbol in Switzerland’s 2-1 victory over Serbia .

Granit Tjaka is expected to take part with Arsenal in the Premier League’s new season opener on Friday night against Crystal Palace in London’s Capital Derby.

Source: agencies

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