Xbox Game Pass Subscribers Fall Short of 30 Million: Microsoft Debunks Rumors

Xbox Game Pass falls short of 30 million subscribers

Recent rumors circulating online suggesting that Xbox Game Pass has reached 30 million subscribers have been debunked by Microsoft. The speculation emerged after the release of a biography of Xbox senior marketing director Craig McNary on LinkedIn.

The debunking of the rumor

Although the data that supported the claim has since been removed from the social networking site, the news quickly spread across the internet. We reported on it initially but with caution, waiting for official updates. Today, Microsoft clarified the situation by confirming their previous official numbers.

Current subscriber count and lack of growth

As of January 2022, Microsoft reported having 25 million Xbox Game Pass subscribers – a figure that was also announced at the CMAs in November. Despite their target of gaining at least 10 million new members each year, there appears to be no significant growth compared to the number announced a year and a half ago.

Possible explanations

It is perplexing that there has been no substantial expansion in the subscriber count, considering the amount of content continuously added to the service. Nevertheless, it is plausible that McNary’s anticipated milestone of 30 million subscribers may still be reached in the coming months as the goal is pursued further.

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