Xavi demands that 4 players leave Barcelona

Barcelona manager Xavi confirmed that he is helping the club to make new deals, while noting that he told 4 players who are currently in the team that they should leave as the club does not need their services.

During statements published by the Spanish newspaper Sport, Xavi spoke of the possibility of his team signing Sevilla defender Jules Conde: “Conde? The club is working on strengthening the team but I can’t talk about players who are not with us, we’ll see if we can make an official announcement.”

He added: “The players want to come to Barcelona because of the greatness of the club on a global and historical level, and because of the exciting project that also helps to speak clearly to the player.”

And he added: “This is Barcelona, ​​even with a not very good stage. Everyone is happy to play here, there is hope to come back to the top and great players like Lewandowski have come here to succeed.”

He continued: “We are Barcelona, ​​when we go to Australia and America, we see fans who are passionate about the club, and when you see new deals with the same enthusiasm as Christensen, Casey, Rafinha and Lewandowski, this is Barcelona and his greatness”.

He explained: “Of course I help the club make deals and encourage the players to come here, make them feel important and explain to them how to play, but the name Barcelona helps, it’s a point of attraction for the players.”

Of the four players who were not on the team’s tour of America (Oscar Mingeza, Ricky Puig, Samuel Umtiti and Martin Braithwaite), Xavi commented: “I have been very frank with them since May that they are looking for other clubs. it is impossible for them to play with us at the moment.”

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