X App Introduces Audio and Video Calls for X Premium Users: New Findings and Features Revealed

Last month X CEO Linda Yaccarino confirmed that video calls would be coming to the app formerly known as Twitter as part of its transition into an “everything app.”

Now, new code in the X app reveals that both audio and video calls will be supported. However, the feature will not be available to all X users — only those with an X Premium membership, it appears.

The new findings

The new findings were uncovered by tech veteran-turned-investor Chris Messina inside the X app’s code. As currently described, the feature will allow X users to opt to receive both audio and video calls from other Verified users, from people they follow, or from people in their address book, depending on their selection. The feature’s description reads: “Take messaging to the next level with audio and video calls. Turn the feature on and then select who you’re comfortable using it with.” This indicates that it is an opt-in feature.

Premium access required

Other lines of code refer to a warning that appears when someone tries to DM another user on the app which explains that “audio and video calls are a premium feature,” and entices them to “subscribe to gain access.” To use this feature, users will have to pay for X Premium, the subscription previously known as Twitter Blue. X Premium includes a number of upgraded features including verification, a reduced ad load, the ability to edit posts, support for longer posts, prioritized rankings in search and conversations, and more.

X Premium subscriptions

To date, X has not been able to make a compelling case for X Premium, as independent research indicated that the company has only sold roughly 1 million subscriptions. This is in comparison to X owner Elon Musk’s statement that the app has 550 million monthly active users. For reference, Snapchat’s premium subscription Snapchat+ just topped the 5 million user mark. Meanwhile, analysts are forecasting Meta’s subscription, Meta Verified, will have 12 million subscribers by early next year.

No response from X

X no longer responds to requests for comment after Musk’s takeover, only replying with an automated message to incoming press queries.

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