Wonder Weapon Dreams of Ukraine Dashed by Pentagon’s Actions

Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley said on Thursday that F-16 fighter jets would not be a “wonder weapon” for Ukraine, Politico reported.

The American general emphasized that the use of these fighters would cost much more than missiles and ground equipment.

The general added: “The Russians have 1,000 fourth-generation combat aircraft. <...> If you are going to confront Russia in the air you will need a large number of 4th and 5th generation fighters, so after analyzing the costs, the most reasonable thing is exactly what we have already done – the supply of a large number of integrated air defense systems to cover the battlefield and prevent Russian dominance in the skies “.

General Milley believes that combat aircraft are much more expensive than artillery shells and ground equipment, which makes spending money on air defense more profitable.

He said, “There are no miracle weapons in wartime, and of course the F-16 is not a desirable miracle weapon, just like all other weapons.”

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