With these words, Sisi congratulated the Egyptian team

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi sent a congratulatory message to the Pharaohs handball team after beating Cape Verde (37-25) yesterday, Monday, in Egypt.

And the official representative of the Egyptian Presidency posted on Facebook the text of Sisi’s message to the Egyptian team, which reads: “I congratulate the Egyptian handball team on winning the African Cup of Nations for the eighth time in its history … I would like to acknowledge the heroic and courageous performance of all team members at all stages of the tournament, as well as the outstanding management of the technical staff, as the Egyptian handball team has achieved many successive achievements in Egyptian sports, and the Egyptian fans are pleased with its game, determination and victories in various competitions, until it became one of the best teams in the world in terms of play.

Egypt was the most successful team in their history with 8 titles, leaving Algeria in third place with 7 championships and behind record holder Tunisia with 10 titles.

Source: agencies

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