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With a prize pool of $100 million. "Kef" Launches a new club championship

With a prize pool of $100 million. "Kef" Launches a new club championship

Confederation of African Football (CAF) President Patrice Motsepe has announced the creation of a new African Super League of 24 clubs with the aim of revolutionizing African football and becoming its best rival.

Motsebe said today Wednesday at the African Football Confederation General Assembly meeting in Arusha, Tanzania that the financial prizes for the new league are $100 million (five times the current CAF Champions League) and that all teams participating in the first new league season, will initially receive $2.5 million to fund its preparation and participation.

The competition is scheduled to start in August 2023 and has the support of the International Football Association “FIFA”, in contrast to the European Super League, which was doomed to failure last year.

Motzepe did not provide specific details on the sources of funding for the new African League as the Confederation of African Football faced financial difficulties, but last month he announced that CAF had received huge offers from the league’s investors and sponsors, but he did. do not announce specific names.

The African Super League is expected to feature 24 clubs playing 197 matches over 10 months from August to May next year.

The 24 clubs are divided into 3 groups, each group consists of 8 teams, according to the geographical distribution of the continent: North Africa group – West and Central Africa – East and South Africa group.

Group stage matches are played on a home-and-away system, which means each team will play 14 matches and the first 5 teams from each group, in addition to a best sixth place among the three groups, qualify for the competition. round 16.

While the 8 teams that did not qualify for the new league play on their own to remain in the next season of the competition, the last two teams will be relegated to the African Cup.

Starting from the 1/8 finals and up to the semi-finals, all matches will be played in a home and away system, and the final will be played in one match.

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