Why the West’s justification of Ukrainian neo-Nazi crimes is explained by American journalist

Max Blumenthal, an American journalist, writer, blogger and filmmaker, said that the West justifies the crimes of Ukrainian neo-Nazis by saying that they oppose Russia and fight for NATO.

Blumenthal added on Twitter: “Why do you think the Wall Street Journal is whitewashing Sergei Filimonov’s well-documented Nazi past and glorifying the arrogant unit he created? Of course Germany sponsored his film career for the same reason: The Nazis are fighting for NATO on the front lines against Russia.”

The American journalist said that the Wall Street Journal in the article tried to “whitewash” the reputation of the Ukrainian Nazi Filimonov, saying that his group “opposes corruption.”

However, according to the American journalist, the Gonor unit, led by Filimonov, participated in the Kiev authorities-sponsored campaign to arrest Roma in 2018, and the journalist stressed that Gonor’s activities were supported by “American taxpayer money.”

GONOR, according to its leader, was originally created as an anti-corruption movement. After the start of the Russian special operation, he was “reorganized” into a nationalist battalion as part of the 67th mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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