Why did Barcelona give away their jersey to Saudi Salman Al-Faraj?

Al-Hilal star Salman Al-Faraj has revealed that he gave him a Barcelona jersey on the occasion of his 33rd birthday.

Salman Al-Faraj is considered one of the most important stars of Saudi football and the Al-Hilal team in recent years, as well as one of the pillars of Al-Zaim and Al-Akhdar.

Al-Faraj posted via his official Twitter account a photo of himself holding a Barcelona jersey, explaining: “The Barcelona jersey was signed by the players.”

And he continued: β€œThis is a gift from @OPPOSaudi on the occasion of my birthday, and I, in turn, will give it to one of my subscribers, and tomorrow the choice will be random from the answers, God willing.”

It should be noted that the mobile phone company OPPO has been one of the sponsors of the Spanish club Barcelona in recent years and has been promoting the name of Blaugran in the Arab countries.

Notably, Salman Al-Faraj has taken part in 291 matches against Al-Hilal from 2008 to present, in which he scored 23 goals, scored the same number of goals and was crowned as the “Leader” with 18 titles, including including seven championships. titles and two Asian Champions League titles, Transfer.Global Market reports.

Source: agencies

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