WHO suspends further origin investigation "COVID-19"

The Daily Telegraph newspaper reported, citing WHO expert Maria Van Kerkhove, that the organization had suspended further investigations into the origin of the Corona virus due to problems with data collection.

This happened in that the expert mentioned to the newspaper, where she continued that the organization planned to implement the work in stages, but that “this plan has changed” as “political events in the world prevented progress in understanding the origins of (Covid-19)”, while she indicated that these investigations were not expected from the “second stage”.

For his part, World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said in July 2021 that the organization is preparing for the second phase of studying the origin of the emerging corona virus and expects transparency from the People’s Republic of China, stressing that some problems have arisen in the first phase, one of which is is “the difficulty of accessing data, especially data on the beginning of the epidemic.

Also yesterday, Tuesday, it was reported that an investigation into the origins of “Covid-19” was launched in the United States of America by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives in the US Congress, which requested information from the US administration. where, in particular, the account verification related to the leak of the virus from the Chinese laboratory takes place.

Source: TASS

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