Who started the war in Iraq and who destroyed Libya?.. Putin asks questions and reveals his vision of the future

During the plenary session of the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about the reason why countries failed to reach a peace agreement.

Putin repeated this because international law is always violated, pointing out that what is being said about Russia violating international law is not at all true. He asked: “Who started the war in Iraq, without any UN resolutions? Who destroyed Yugoslavia, unleashed a war in Central Europe and bombed Belgrade? No one then remembered the principles of international law. In Iraq they destroyed the country and that’s it! The same is true for Libya. They crushed Libya, so where was international law? Everyone understands who is doing this, and they understand that this is not in accordance with international law, which is why they talk about some incredible rules. What are these rules? Who are they did “What is their origin? So let them live by them.”

The President of Russia sees the future as fairer, since he should not rely on the dictates of one country, especially if it imagines itself to be a “god”. emphasizing that all this is connected with the stability of the world order, for which Russia has always fought, and stressed that “Russia is ready to cooperate with all countries that want it.”

Source: RT

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