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Who is Sonia Gerges who showed up with Salah in Dubai? (A photo)


Sonia Gerges, Miss Egypt 2020, blew up social media sites by posting a picture of her in Dubai, accompanied by Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, a Liverpool player.

Sonya took this photo with Salah in Dubai, where the Liverpool star is taking a short break before joining Egypt for two friendlies against Niger on September 23 and Liberia on September 27.

Since the photo was shared, many have been looking for Sonia Gerges to find out who she is, and through her account on the Instagram app, it turned out that she was born in Egypt and lives in Italy.

Who is Sonya Gerges?

Sonya was born in Egypt, but has been living in Italy for 21 years and has Egyptian and Italian citizenship.

And Sonia moved to work in Dubai to become a manager at the Sun Beach Hotel, where she met Salah twice and took pictures with him, most recently during his last vacation.

Sonya represented Egypt at the 2020 Miss Elite Italy pageant and won the title of Miss Egypt.

Sony’s Instagram account has about 36,000 followers and she has 664 followers.

Sonya is always keen to post her seaside photos, as well as plenty of photos at work and while exercising.

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