White House Supports Biden’s Push for Judicial Amendment Consensus in Israel

US President Joe Biden to Push for Judicial Amendment Plan in Israel

The White House said that US President Joe Biden will continue to push for a broad consensus among Israeli politicians on a judicial amendment plan after the Knesset passed its first law.

White House Press Secretary’s Statement

White House Press Secretary Karen Jean-Pierre pointed out that “Biden has not given up on his goal of reaching a broad consensus after the failure of recent efforts to reach a settlement and his failure to resolve the constitutional crisis that has plagued the country for months.”

Knesset Approves Key Provision of Judicial Reform Plan

On Monday, Israeli lawmakers approved a key provision of a controversial judicial reform plan that aims to limit the powers of the Supreme Court.

The text was supported by 64 deputies from the ruling government coalition led by Benjamin Netanyahu out of 120 deputies in parliament, while opposition representatives boycotted the voting process.

Opposition to File Appeal with Supreme Court

The Israeli opposition is set to file an appeal with the Supreme Court today, Tuesday, to overturn the Knesset’s approval of the Judicial Amendment Law, which was confirmed by leader Yair Lapid.

Reasonable Argument Law

The Reasonable Argument Law allows the Israeli judiciary to monitor and review government decisions and invalidate some of them if they are not in the public interest, including government appointments by ministries and others, or other public decisions that are contrary to the public interest and do not give the public interest due weight.

The abolition of this law means the marginalization of the role of the Supreme Court in interfering in government decisions, especially in the appointment of ministers, their deputies, etc.


Source: Reuters + agencies

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