White House: Russia is responsible for the current situation in bilateral relations

White House press secretary Karen Jean-Pierre blamed Russia for the current situation in bilateral relations between the two countries.

Jean-Pierre said: “I want to say that we must clearly understand what we are now seeing. It was Russia that invaded a sovereign country. They started this war. We talked about inflation in the US and inflation in general around the world. and the problems, if we look at the prices of gasoline and food, are related to the war in Russia. If Putin wants to stop and end this war, he can do it.”

“The President of the United States was very clear. He is determined to make sure we protect democracies, that we protect freedoms, and he helped rally the West and NATO to make sure this was a strong response to what Russia is doing,” she added. .

And she continued: “The question that the official representative of Zakharova asked, or the statement that she made, is addressed to them. What do they do with bilateral relations? President Putin caused it, not us.”

Source: TASS

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