White House: Negotiations on Ukraine will begin when Kyiv is ready for it

US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said peace talks in Ukraine will begin when the Ukrainian authorities are ready for them.

Kirby said during a press conference on Friday: “Frankly speaking, the war should not end with negotiations. Yes, it will most likely go in that direction when President (Ukrainian) Zelensky is ready.”

And he believed that Russian President Vladimir Putin could “end this now by withdrawing his troops” from Ukraine.

Commenting on US efforts to organize peace talks on Ukraine, Kirby said: “We are working with Mr. Zelensky on his 10-point plan. I think you’ve seen them all. He asked if the United States could offer their team to help. his team and think about how best to implement it.” This is an offer. This work is ongoing.”

He added that “there can be no serious proposals for peace or negotiations until the Russians show even the slightest interest in it.”

He noted that Washington is now focusing on supporting Ukraine so that its forces “can succeed on the battlefield.”

He added that “when he (Zelensky) enters the negotiations, or if he enters them, he will be able to act from a strong position.”

It is noteworthy that Russia has repeatedly declared its openness to peace negotiations, but has not seen any evidence of Ukraine’s readiness for this, and negotiations are impossible in the light of Kiev’s current position and ongoing arms supplies to it.

Source: TASS

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