White House: China sent spy balloons to five continents

The White House accused China of sending “spy balloons” to five continents, violating the sovereignty of countries.

White House press secretary Karen Jean-Pierre told reporters aboard Air Force One on Wednesday that China has developed “a fleet of balloons to conduct intelligence operations that violate the sovereignty of other countries.”

She added: “In recent years, Chinese balloons have been sighted over countries on five continents, and we are in contact with our allies and partners on this matter.”

She noted, “The President (Joe Biden) has made clear our position towards China, which is to manage strategic competition. We are not looking for escalation, but rather for competition.”

It is noteworthy that last Saturday the United States shot down a Chinese balloon over its territory, which was considered reconnaissance, while Beijing said that the balloon was supposed to monitor the weather and entered US airspace by mistake.

Source: TASS

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