When will the war in Ukraine end?.. Reply of the US Secretary of Defense

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said that NATO does not seek or threaten a confrontation with Russia, although Russia has repeatedly stressed the alliance’s aggressive and confrontational nature.

“Honestly, NATO does not seek a confrontation with Russia and does not threaten Russia, but our defense alliance will protect every inch of the territory of the alliance,” Austin added during a meeting with Czech Defense Minister Yana Chernokhova in Prague.

When asked by a correspondent about a possible end to the conflict in Ukraine, the minister replied that at the moment it is dangerous to make any speculations.

“It’s always dangerous to make predictions,” Austin said. “That’s why I think again that our goal now is to support Ukraine.”

And when the minister was also asked about the supply of long-range weapons to Ukraine, including Himars long-range missile launchers, he confidently replied that the United States would provide Ukraine with everything it needs.

Source: RIA Novosti

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