What is the truth about the killing of an Iranian general in the recent US strikes on Deir ez-Zor in Syria? (A photo)

News spread in the media about the assassination of Iranian general Sardar Akbar Jalog Mard during recent American strikes on the headquarters of the Revolutionary Guards in Deir ez-Zor, Syria, and a “photo of the general” was published.

However, this news is not true, as it was fabricated by the Sabreen News channel with his consent.

And the circulated image is a composite and is actually the face of an international trainer, Iraqi bodybuilder Riyad Abu Ali Al-Saraifi, who appeared in the video to denounce the use of his image to fabricate false news, emphasizing that he is alive and well.

Notably, last Thursday, the US military said it killed four members of Iran-backed militias in eastern Syria in 24 hours in retaliation for a missile strike that wounded US soldiers in the region.

Source: An-Nahar Lebanese.

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