What is the secret of Liverpool fans’ hatred of Queen Elizabeth and the royal family?

When the British anthem is played, Liverpool fans replace the phrase “God Save the Queen” with “God Save Our Team”, causing outrage in the country.

And when the Liverpool team is one of the participants in the FA Cup final or the League Cup final, or even the Charity Shield Cup match, which usually takes place at the famous Wembley Stadium in London, where the national anthem of Great Britain is played. and hoot against Anthem and the late Queen Elizabeth II.

According to various British reports, there are many reasons behind Liverpool fans’ behavior.

According to Liverpoolecho, many Liverpool residents refuse to associate themselves with the English national anthem because they feel marginalized by the British government.

And the English website went even further when it pointed out that many Liverpool fans do not support or support the England team during major tournaments such as the European Cup of Nations and the World Cup.

This feeling stems from the attitude towards governments formed by the Conservatives over several decades and not giving them enough support, to the point that they consider themselves less English than other cities.

Liverpool fans are always holding up a banner at Anfield stadium saying ‘Scous not English’ which means ‘squash not English’ as ​​the word ‘squas’ refers to the popular Irish food that has come to express the people of the whole city. which shows how the inhabitants of this city feel that they have nothing to do with England.

The city of Liverpool is known for hosting immigrants after very large numbers of Irish people flocked to escape the famine that hit their country, so the city has a strong Irish identity.

Source: “Agency”

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