What is Molybdenum Plate Used for

Molybdenum plate is well used in all industries in today’s market, but there are still many people who are unfamiliar with the term “molybdenum plate”. Today, it is very good for us to introduce the molybdenum plate in which industry.

In the electronic tube industry, the molybdenum plate is used for vacuum closed connection with borosilicate glass in the electronic tube, especially for the surface polishing ofmolybdenum pins. In semiconductor technology, molybdenum has been widely used in transistors and semiconductor components because the thermal expansion coefficient of molybdenum is similar to that of silicon. In today’s switches and contacts, telephone relay special contacts have also been applied.

Molybdenum is very hard, and very soft, and has more toughness than tungsten. Molybdenum has a high modulus of elasticity, and tungsten and tantalum only have a higher melting point. Molybdenum plates are used for many special steels. Other common uses are molybdenum electrodes, vacuum furnace applications, nuclear power, missiles, and aircraft components.

Molybdenum plate is widely applied to the tooling and fittings of furnaces.

Molybdenum plate is widely used in the tooling of furnace mold and fittings. It is the raw material of assembly parts for the electronics industry and semiconductor industry. Molybdenum sheets are used to assemble sintering vessels, high-temperature heating elements, and hot screens.

Surface appearance:

The surface provides a shiny, matte, or rolling state; depending on the thickness, width, and other parameters.

Heat treatment process of Molybdenum Plate

Rolling and calcining molybdenum sheet products will provide the best condition for the expected use.

Molybdenum plate is used to make lighting accessories, high-temperature shields, high-temperature resistant containers, etc.

Molybdenum sheet is used to heat electronic vacuum furnace and insulated screen. Molybdenum circular plate is used to produce molybdenum ship and power semiconductor and is the raw material of vacuum lighthouse. The molybdenum powder formed by isostatic pressing is formed by hot rolling, annealing, alkali flushing, cold rolling, cutting, and leveling in medium-frequency furnaces. The molybdenum sheet has a bright, smooth surface and good reprocessing characteristics.

The minimum thickness of thin molybdenum plate is 0.05mm, and the width is 610mm. The longest molybdenum plate is 3000mm. The standard molybdenum plate is the thickness of 24 “x 100” and.015 “and 01”

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