What Happened to Litanswers.org? Plus 3 Amazing Alternatives

Litanswers.org was a website that helped you with almost all types of problems and questions you may face in chemistry, science, math, etc.

The main aim of the website was to provide students with comprehensive and straightforward answers to their questions. It was the students’ favorite because of its easy to use, user-friendly interface. All you need is to type the problem in the bar, and the site will come up with free Chegg answers without any hassle.

Unfortunately, both Textsheet and Litanswers.org did not have permission to share Chegg’s answers and were rightfully shut down. Litanswers only lasted about one year. Due to them being shut down more and more students are using Reddit and Quora.


As said earlier that this was one of the favorite and most trusted sites to get Chegg answers. If you visit the site for answers, you will find out that the site no longer provides free Chegg solutions. This article will help you find some resources for study help below.


Textsheet.com was the top-rated website for free Chegg answers. Unfortunately, this website is also no longer working due to copyright issues. Many high-skilled students have tried their best to get this site back to life, but they have not been successful so far.

But don’t worry, as we have rounded up some of the best Litanswers.org and Textsheet alternatives available.

What is Chegg, and Why is it So Popular?

Chegg is by far the best site for homework solutions and test answers for all students. The main reason behind its popularity is that it serves both junior and senior education students. It is the largest study-related website in the U.S.

You can create your Chegg account no matter if you are a tutor, student, or researcher. Just provide the necessary information, and you are done. If you are signed up as a tutor you can earn as well.

Students must buy a package to get Chegg’s answers directly. As some of the students can’t afford the premium package, they went for free sources like Litanswers.org and Textsheet.

Where to Get Free Chegg Answers?

Many students were not able to buy the premium package of Chegg. With the shutting down of Litanswers.org, some students were left scrambling to find help with their homework and tests. For this reason, we have compiled a few Litanswers alternatives for you below.


In my opinion, this website is the best alternative to Textsheet, Litanswers, and Chegg. . Unlike Litanswers, Slader does not just unblur Chegg answers. Instead, they have their own database of answers. Unfortunately, they do not have as many users as Chegg, and fewer users equal fewer answers. However, it is completely free with an option to pay to remove ads.

Slader offers free solutions to thousands of textbooks and assignments. To get answers from this website, all you have to do is simply scan the textbook’s barcode or enter the book’s title, and the site will bring you the answers efficiently.

This site is quickly gaining popularity among students, and more student’ means more answers. Slader has been upgrading its material regularly to meet the students’ needs. Students of all ages and all fields can get help from this website, and it comes with just a few ads. You can get rid of these few ads if you buy the subscription for only $1.99.

StudyLib Website

As its name suggests, this website is a full-fledged library for almost all types of topics, subjects, and questions that students may encounter. StudyLib is totally a free website and doesn’t have any designated tutors available. Therefore you may need to wait for some time to get the answer to your question.

This site works on a “help each other” scenario, means that other tutor and students present on the platform, will answer your questions. The site has massive traffic of more than 18,000 users, and this number is rapidly growing.

This site also comes with a Chrome extension. You can install the plugin or add the extension to chrome. Then you don’t have to open the site every time you need an answer.

StudyLib may be a little slower than the others, but the quality of the content makes it a great Litanswers alternative

Is Litanswer.net different from Litanswers.org?

People may think that these are the two domain names of a single website. Litanswer.net was created by a fan of Litanswers.org. It has no connections with Litanswer.org nor with the Chegg. This site’s primary goal is to help the students previously connected to Litanswrs.org.

This site was essentially a clone of the original Litanswers.org. Unfortunately, Litanswers.net has also been taken down and no longer provides study help.

Final Thoughts on Litanswers.org
Despite being used and depended on by many students Litanswers.org is no longer in operation. I had originally made this article a review but it has now become more of a Litanswers.org alternatives post. If you know of a great alternative to Litanswers.org please leave it in the comments below.

You can also check out my Textsheet Alternatives post which has a more in-depth list of alternatives to Litanswers.org and textsheet.

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