What do you want most from the iPhone 6S? (poll)

This time last year we were all sitting around speculating about the iPhone 6, wondering if a big version would be announced.

It might feel like you’re stuck in “Groundhog Day,” because we’re at it again, pondering what features the iPhone 6S will sport when Apple unveils the new device at its September 9 event.

Rumor-watchers seem to think the 6S will be more of an evolution than a revolution, that there won’t be any big-splash features like the 6 Plus delivered with its grande sizing.

But buzz will be buzz, so there’s plenty of talk of Apple going in the opposite direction from the Plus by offering an iPhone Mini with a 4-inch screen as a shout-out to yesteryear when iPhones were relatively tiny. Some people are nostalgic for those days.

One feature that constantly floats to the top of the rumor pool is Force Touch, which would bring pressure sensitivity combined with haptic feedback into the mix. You would no longer just swipe at your touchscreen, but instead press into it and feel it respond.

As usual, we can look forward to some bumps in specs, with the likelihood of an upgraded camera and a new processor for more speed and power. The topic of longer battery life once again arises and iPhone fans may get it courtesy of iOS 9’s new low-power mode.

If specs and design features don’t wow you, maybe some new color choices will. There’s a chance this fresh batch of iPhones could come out in a selection of colors we haven’t seen before. The word “pink” has been mentioned. Apple could even step into the bling game with a 14-karat gold “Edition” version made to go with the top-of-the-line Apple Watch.

You know the possibilities, so which of these upgrades would you most like to see in the iPhone 6S? Vote in our poll and talk it out in the comments. Then, check into CNET’s live coverage of the event on September 9.

Source:: cnet.com

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