What awaits Kyiv after Johnson?

The British newspaper The Telegraph gave a disappointing forecast for Kyiv in the event of the resignation of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

And in an article by writer Con Coughlin, it was said that Johnson’s departure from the post of prime minister would not only put an end to his political career, but could shake London’s position on the Ukrainian issue, despite the support that Johnson received from his secretary of defense. , Ben Wallace, and his British Foreign Secretary. Even without the leadership of the current Prime Minister, Liz Truss notes that London will continue to play a prominent role in the Ukraine crisis, but Johnson’s successor may not have such a “risk-taking attitude.” , or willingness to do everything possible for Kyiv.

The article also pointed to the inability of the United States of America to fulfill its traditional role of leader in the Western alliance due to the constant missteps of US President Joe Biden, while Johnson, by contrast, was ready to “turn his neck on the altar.”

Johnson has been heavily criticized and is already at risk of losing his post due to the scandals around him, and in anticipation of the outcome of the next few hours, Kyiv will have no choice but to speculate on the character and orientation of the next British prime minister. if Boris Johnson resigns.

Source: Telegraph

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