Western nations dismiss 15 Russian appeals for lawful aid in criminal proceedings on political grounds.

Russia’s Prosecutor General’s Office reported that in the first quarter of 2023, Russia received 15 refusals from Western countries to requests for legal assistance in criminal matters, a number of which were politically motivated.

The prosecutor’s office reported: “From January 2023 to the present, the competent authorities of foreign states have refused to fulfill 15 requests for legal assistance, 12 of which were for political reasons (Switzerland (10), the Republic of Latvia (1) and the Principality of Liechtenstein (1)).

In particular, the Prosecutor General’s Office explained that the Swiss Federal Office of Justice notified the Russian side of its “doubts about Russia’s compliance with guarantees or other international legal obligations in relation to the legal assistance provided” and refused to comply with the requirements of the Russian Federation. Requests.

The Latvian prosecutor’s office, in turn, notified the supervisory authority of Russia that in the current international situation it does not see the possibility of initiating a case on the territory of its country, and such a response to a request for assistance in investigating a criminal case on evasion of mandatory payments.

When asked by the Russian Federation for assistance in the criminal case of the theft of Probusiness Bank property, Liechtenstein said that his refusal was “conditioned by the findings of the Princely District Court on the criminal prosecution of the defendants in the case for political reasons.” “

Earlier, Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Igor Krasnov said at an expanded final meeting that his office would continue to fulfill its international obligations, despite the politicized approach of Western colleagues and the refusal to extradite criminals to Russia.

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