Western Countries Dragging Latin America into Ukrainian Conflict: Colombian President Confirms

Western Countries Accused of Dragging Latin America into Ukrainian Conflict

Colombian President Gustavo Petro confirmed that Western countries are trying to drag Latin America into the Ukrainian conflict, which they provoked.

Accusations at the UN General Assembly

In his speech to the seventy-eighth session of the UN General Assembly, Peter said: “The countries that are trying to drag Latin America into the conflict in Ukraine by sending and supplying weapons to Kiev are the ones that helped create this situation.”

Latin America’s History of Invasions

Peter explained: “The fact is that Latin America was invited to send weapons, including sending people to the battlefield… They forgot that our countries were invaded several times by those who today talk about help and supplies of weapons, and they forgot that they invaded Iraq, Syria and Libya for oil: “They forget that Palestine also needs to be defended for the same reasons they defend Zelensky.”

Disregard for Sustainable Development Goals

He added: “They forgot that to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals it was necessary to stop all conflicts, but they helped start one because it was in the interests of the world powers involved in the game of thrones, and because it was not in their interests to end this is the end.”

Climate Finance Commitments

Petro also noted that developed countries have not met their climate finance commitments, explaining: “They don’t have $100 billion that they could give to other countries and protect them from floods and hurricanes, but they do have money for weapons and fuel Ukrainian crisis.”

Replacing Russian Weapons

The head of US Southern Command, Laura Richardson, said last January that Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and six other Latin American countries possess Russian weapons and that the United States was working to “replace these Russian weapons with American weapons if that happens.” countries want them, and they transfer them to Ukraine.”

Rejection of US Proposal

Petro rejected the US proposal to transfer to Ukraine the Russian-made military equipment that Ukraine has.


Source: TASS

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