Weird penalties for the ex-Liverpool legend to manage his team

A list of sanctions that Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard, manager of Aston Villa, will impose on his players next season have been leaked online, and some of them are bizarre.

According to the list of rules published by the British newspaper Daily Mail, for each violation a certain financial penalty will be imposed, different from the other.

The newspaper emphasizes that this regulation will force the Aston Villa players to remain in a state of complete concentration, otherwise the violator will face a fine.

Among the odd violations approved by the regulations is that any player who enters the bathroom to take a shower with bare feet will be fined up to £100 (€119).

She added: “Any player who forgets to bring his birthday cake will pay a £50 (€59) fine and will be charged the same amount for each day that goes by without his teammates attending his birthday party. birth.”

Gerrard imposed a £500 fine on his players if they were late to practice and a £200 fine for every minute they were late for a coaching meeting, increasing the fine to £1,000 for every minute they were late for a coaching meeting at a match. day. .

Players will not escape punishment even while on the pitch. A player who receives a yellow card for disrespectful behavior pays a £200 fine and anyone who receives a red card must invite all players to dinner within 4 weeks.

Any player who leaves their uniform on the driving range or their food on the cafeteria table after they have finished is subject to a £100 fine.

As for the harsher punishment, the player who performed the worst in training before the official match will wear a T-shirt that reads: “I was the worst in training” and will be chosen by vote.

Aston Villa stars are also required to park their cars legally as there is a fine, along with a traffic fine of £100, not to mention other fines for failing to show up for a 10am doctor’s appointment at injury, forgetting on the training ground or forgetting to recover from game fatigue or not wearing proper uniform on match day.

Source: “Agency”

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