Website ATM Scam – Proof is In the Reviews

The Website ATM scam has gone by many different names. All of them have been ousted as complete scams and have had nothing but terrible reviews.

The idea behind ‘Website ATM’ seems like a convenient and revolutionary way to handle business. Website ATM is a website builder. Users supposedly can make money online and very easily. This was all supposed to happen by building a webpage allegedly with the push of a single button.

However, the exciting part was that this is not just any regular website builder. This site builder was going to build you a site that essentially printed money. It would be like carrying an ATM around everywhere you go, hence the name Website ATM.

What is Website ATM?

Many people came across Website ATM through an email or social media. These e-mails and posts claimed you could make up to 500 per day. You only needed to pay for this magical technology. Lucky for you, The website builder is only 50 bucks!

They claim that their site builder can build your site, rank on Google, generate traffic, and earn you money, all instantly with the push of a button.

Whenever you hear absurd claims like this, always ask yourself, why are they wasting time advertising and selling this secret if it makes so much money. Why not just go all-in on their own system? You know what they say about things that sound too good to be true, right?.

We currently live in a highly competitive, expensive world. Furthermore, everyone is constantly busy. Juggling work, a family, and a social life can be exhausting just to think about.

Therefore, an easy way to make a full time income online feels like an answer to anyone’s prayers. However, all of this seems way too good to be true. In this article, we are going to explore whether or not Website ATM is a scam or legit.

Website ATM Money Making Scam Confirmed

Unfortunately, there was nothing legit about Website ATM. The business model is designed to deceive people. And for deceiving people it is a near-perfect business model. The theory was that they could make a large sum of money daily.

This definitely seems unreasonable. The first warning sign is that nothing in life comes this easy. This is especially true when it comes to earning money. 500 per day is a huge amount to make with no effort put in.

Nick Harvey is the name of the man who apparently made this website. However, it is a well-known fact that this is not his real name. Harvey has posted pictures of his “family” online as well.

However, this was a generic family photo that a customer found online. Needless to say, buyers of the program were not happy about this. This took away a lot of the credibility of the program.

People believed that they would start making money right after they signed up. The initial sign up fee is $47, paid by a credit card. This a small amount compared to what you could make. However, this should definitely raise some red flags.

This scheme was able to identify a need and victimize people accordingly. The website informed people that there were only limited spots available. This was extremely misleading. Accordingly, it played on people’s fear that they were missing out on something big.

The Video

People were coaxed into buying the program via a sales video. This sales video explained that this was an extremely secretive venture. Therefore, you were not allowed to tell anyone about the program after you bought it.

Numerous methods were used to lure in victims. Some found out about Website ATM through social media. While others received e-mails about the scheme. There were also advertisements.

All of these modes led the person to Website ATM’s sales page. The video was shown on this page. Needless to say, the video turned out to be quite convincing for some people.

The sketchiest part about the program is that they don’t actually tell you how the online business works. There is an understanding that you will make money online but it’s unclear how this will actually happen.

The program tells people that they are only accepting 300 sign-ups. This means that there are only 300 copies of the system. Evidently, this makes people feel special. They genuinely feel like they are in on something that no one else knows about.

Once you watch the video the website asks for specific information. The website asks victims for their name, phone number, and e-mail address. They then spam your email box until you sign up.

You will immediately get promotional videos whether you sign up or not. Consequently, this can get incredibly annoying. Once you buy the program you will be bombarded with up-sells.

It is very clear that they are money hungry and want you to do it immediately. Unfortunately, this company also sells your information to third party websites.

The company disappears soon after. There is no one you can contact to talk about your concerns. Accordingly, no one could be reached about getting your money back.

The Technique

You need to possess a certain skillset if you want to make money online through websites. This is knowledge that you gain after a long length of time.

In theory, you can make money online with affiliate websites. This drives traffic to your personal website. However, you would need to learn the appropriate techniques in order to drive traffic.

Accordingly, this needs to be organic traffic. Furthermore, you need to rank high on search engines. It is easy to say this than to do this. Driving traffic is a learning curve in itself.

You may start receiving visitors once the website has been created. They can then purchase the products that you provide. This is how you can make money. However, this number does not get capped.

Essentially, you receive “done-for-you” website. All of these have duplicate content. This means that they will give you access on their web server. You may also have to pay a large amount of money for web hosting.

The unfortunate part is that search engines do not rank duplicate content. Ultimately, you will never make any money. This because no one is driven to your website. Therefore, this definitely makes Website ATM a scam.

Fake Website ATM Reviews

There were many fake testimonials online. This company pays people to write reviews for them. This is an effort to provide credibility to the company.

This can be done with the website “Fiverr.” People offer this type of service on this website. They then get paid a fee for their services.

This puts trusting people at risk. A lot of older people fell for the reviews that people wrote. It’s hard to navigate between what is real and not real online. Therefore, it is quite common to look at what other people have reviewed.

Putting faith on others online may sound silly. However, many people do so. This article is intended to warn people about believing everything they see online.

It is important to never sign up for something unless you personally know someone who has benefited from it.

Real Website ATM Reviews

A quick search and you will find real reviews of the Website ATM scam. However, you can not find a website atm review on the Better Business Bureau or Trust Pilot websites

This is partly because they change their name so often. Originally they were known as The Money Sucking website system. By searching “Website ATM reviews,” you will get tons of reviews from bloggers like me. However, be careful with some of these sites as they are just trying to sell you their scam while negatively reviewing the Website ATM scam.


What makes Website ATM a scam? Here we will cover just a few of the many details that answer that question.

This design has a lot of negatives associated with it. There are actually no identifiable pros. Firstly, this design tries to sell you “the dream.”

Unfortunately, that’s all it is – a dream. There is such a slight chance that you will even make $5 based off of this method.

The owner of this company doesn’t use his real name. He uses an alias. This makes the whole operation even more sketchy. Why does the owner need to hide his identity? This is pretty abnormal for a business owner.

This company would also lie about proof of income online. This shows that this company has no integrity.

The product itself doesn’t make sense. There is no way for customers to actually make money. This is most likely the biggest con. There’s no reward at the end of the payment and no way to get your money back.

Website ATM does not offer any training or step-by-step instructions. Furthermore, there is no one to contact regarding the issues that you encounter. Evidently, there is no one in the company who is accountable.

Final Thoughts

It is definitely feasible to start making money online. Evidently, many people build their entire business online. This allows people the freedom to work for themselves and to travel. This seems ideal for anyone.

Working online requires hard work, dedication, and consistency. Furthermore, you often need step-by-step training in order to learn how to run an online business and make a full time income.

Some people have argued that Website ATM is not a scam because you receive an actual website. However, what you get is not worth $47.

There is true value when it comes to affiliate marketing. However, this takes a while to get started. Unfortunately, scams like this give affiliate marketing a bad name.

There are other ways that you can invest this money into a course that may actual get you started making money online. Although these ways involve more strategic thinking, the end result is palpable pay for honest work.

If you have been a victim to this money making scam, please leave a reply with your Website ATM review.

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