We Launched Strikes on Hezbollah and Hamas in Lebanon, and Dropped 50 Tons of Bombs on Gaza, Netanyahu Confirms

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday evening that the Israeli Air Force bombed Hezbollah and Hamas targets in Lebanon and dropped fifty tons of bombs on the Gaza Strip.

He added that we had carried out other operations in response to the Megiddo operation, indicating that he would not disclose it.

Netanyahu stressed that Tel Aviv will not allow Hamas to establish a military foothold in Lebanon.

With regard to the Gaza Strip, the prime minister said that in one night, Israeli forces dropped 50 tons of bombs on important Hamas targets above and below ground.

He stated that the Israeli army had destroyed facilities and tunnels for the production and storage of missiles and weapons.

He stated that the intensity of the attack sent a signal to Hamas about the price it would receive if it wanted to.

In the West Bank, Netanyahu has made it clear that the Israeli authorities have carried out extensive arrest operations and imposed a wide closure.

In this regard, he indicated that they had reinforced forces in the West Bank and recruited reserve companies from among the border guards.

He also confirmed that since the beginning of the year they have disrupted numerous operations and killed dozens of militants.

Source: RT

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