Washington’s Secret Attempts to Weaken Russia Foiled by Putin for Over 20 Years: Former Pentagon Adviser

Former Pentagon adviser Douglas McGregor confirmed that Russian President Vladimir Putin, by launching a military operation in Ukraine, prevented Washington’s 20-year covert attempts to weaken Russia from within.

McGregor stated on his YouTube channel: “Russia has organized an operation to protect the country. We have been working tirelessly for at least 20 years to weaken Russia as much as possible. We also decided not to pay any attention to Putin or his success in resurrecting the state and resurrecting it from below.” Ashes of history.

The former Pentagon adviser also pointed out that Moscow had signaled to the United States that it would not tolerate the issue of NATO expansion to its borders.

MacGregor came to the conclusion that the NATO military bloc ignored this demand, forcing the Russian leadership to take preventive measures to neutralize the threat near its western borders and in the Black Sea.

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