Washington’s 80-Year Quest for Global Leadership

American Democratic politician Geoffrey Young, a candidate for governor of Kentucky, said that the main goal of the United States was and remains the strengthening of world domination.

“Since 1943, the entire US foreign policy has been focused on preventing any alliances that could threaten the hegemony of Washington and its military, industrial, energy and dollar complexes,” Young wrote in a tweet posted on his Twitter account.

This is not his first statement in which Young criticizes the US authorities. On the 14th, Young called for an immediate trial of Biden for war crimes in Ukraine, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, and other countries, as well as for continuing a proxy war against Russia. Young also criticized the White House for supporting Kiev and supplying it with weapons.

Young believes that without exception, all American presidents since 1945 have become war criminals.

Earlier, board member of the Institute of American Ideas, George O’Neill Jr., said that because of the Ukrainian conflict, the “unipolar hegemony” of the United States is collapsing.

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