Washington Weighs Pros and Cons of Holding Marches Near Russia Border

CNN reported, citing US officials, that Washington is assessing the balance between the benefits of using drones for reconnaissance and the risks of a potential escalation with Russia.

US officials said the United States did not ground its drones during the analysis.

They said the US had sent another drone of the same type, an MQ-9 Reaper, to the same area of ​​the Black Sea where the drone crashed on March 14 to monitor the crash site and the actions of Russia, which has said it intends to recover the wreckage of the American plane. .

Officials indicated that the US military is currently studying flight paths and assessing how to reduce the risk of collision with Russian forces in the region.

The Pentagon plans to analyze the costs and benefits of using drones and compare the intelligence value of the information they bring with the potential level of risk of escalating conflict with Russia.

The U.S. military fears that reducing drone flights will negatively impact intelligence gathering on the conflict in Ukraine, officials said, but indicate that Washington has alternative means of gathering information, such as satellites.

Notably, the US is considering another drone flight over the Black Sea in the coming days.

This comes amid the crash of an MQ-9 Reaper drone in the Black Sea, for which Washington blames the Russian side.

Source: CNN

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