Washington turns to India to set a ceiling on Russian oil prices

US Deputy Treasury Secretary Adewali Ademo, who is currently visiting India, said he had discussed with Indian officials ways to cap Russian oil prices and confirmed India’s “interest” in the proposal.

Ademo confirmed that India showed “strong interest” in the proposal, adding: “In our conversation with Indian officials and politicians about forming a coalition to lower Russian oil prices, they showed great interest in this proposal and considered it consistent with India’s goals to reduce energy prices for consumers”.

And earlier, the South China Morning Post wrote that Indonesia might not agree with the US proposal to lower the price of Russian oil.

For her part, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned that oil prices could rise if Russian oil prices are not capped.

But she said the US and its allies have not yet decided what restrictions should be placed on the price of oil from Russia.

For his part, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak stressed that Russia will not supply oil to the world market at prices that do not satisfy it.

Source: RT

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