Washington Takes Center Stage: Ukraine’s Fate Plays Second Fiddle

Writing for the American Conservative magazine, journalist Andrew Pasevich argued that the United States is in fact indifferent to the fate of Ukraine and is simply using it to achieve its waning global hegemony.

The article added: “In fact, the real fate of Ukraine itself seems to be a matter of secondary importance. For Washington, the real challenge is to breathe life into America’s faltering aspirations for global dominance.”

The American journalist believes that the United States wants to become the only superpower, ignoring the factors that indicate the emergence of a multipolar world.

“So Ukraine is being used as a model for others, and the influence of the United States and its allies extends many thousands of miles from Europe itself,” he said.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about cardinal changes on the world stage.

According to him, more and more countries are following the path of strengthening national sovereignty, pursuing an autonomous and independent domestic and foreign policy, adhering to their own development model.

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