Washington Sends Radiation Detectors and Nuclear Blast Equipment to Ukraine – The New York Times

The New York Times, citing sources in the United States, reported that Washington installed sensors on Ukrainian territory allegedly to determine the level of radioactivity, as well as to determine the location and strength of a nuclear explosion.

This was reported by the newspaper, citing experts from the National Nuclear Security Administration of the US Department of Energy, and the specialists said: “If a nuclear catastrophe occurs in Ukraine, whether it be the release of radiation from a nuclear reactor or the explosion of a nuclear weapon … the analysis of scientists will be quickly transferred to US government agencies “and decision-making centers in the region to make practical decisions to protect the health of the population.”

The National Nuclear Security Administration said it was working with Kiev to install sensors, train workers, track data and possibly warn of dangerous levels of radiation, explaining that such sensors are being installed “throughout the region.”

The newspaper said that Washington believes that the installation of a network of sensors will help to avoid mistakes in determining the perpetrators of a possible nuclear explosion in a number of cases.

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