Washington refuses to accept "new mode" over Taiwan and decides to continue supporting it militarily

The White House announced its refusal to accept the “new status” of China’s increased military activity near Taiwan, emphasizing its intention to continue to provide security assistance to the island and its “commitment to the one China principle.”

“Following US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei, China continues to try to set a new standard for its Taiwan-related activities,” said John Kirby, strategic communications coordinator for the White House National Security Council. , and we have publicly stated that we will not accept it, no matter how much the Chinese side wants to achieve it.”

Kirby pointed to the passage of two US Navy warships through the Taiwan Strait, emphasizing that Washington will not abandon the One China policy, adding, “As we said, nothing has changed in terms of our commitment to the One China policy. Nothing has changed in terms of our not supporting Taiwanese independence, and nothing has changed in terms of us continuing to do everything US law allows to help Taiwan protect itself as well as our national security interests in the area. .”

Source: TASS

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