"Washington Post"White House sources reveal difference in goals for Biden and Zelenskiy during their meeting in Washington

The American Washington Post reported that the consensus in views between US President Joe Biden and Ukrainian Vladimir Zelensky, who recently visited Washington, is small.

She said that although the overall purpose of the visit, which began in the White House and ended in Congress, was to secure support for the new Republican majority in the House of Representatives to pass a $47 billion aid package to Ukraine, there were differences between them. from each side.

Quotes Washington Post White House sources said Biden wanted to discuss Zelenskiy’s position on diplomacy, as well as his assessment and negotiation needs.

Discussions on exit strategies are ongoing within the Biden administration, sources said, and there are 3 different scenarios, including the peace plan proposed by Zelenskiy last month, which includes a “Russia pullout” from all regions it has joined.

This scenario includes the cession of Crimea by Russia, and another scenario – “Russia’s retreat to the borders of 2014”, and the third scenario – “Russia’s withdrawal” from the Donbass without giving up Crimea, sources told the newspaper.

She pointed out that Zelenskiy was only clinging to support for the first scenario, and during the meeting, Biden tried to get the Ukrainian president’s point of view on how to achieve this, but sources said the discussion was theoretical.

And the paper pointed out that Zelenskiy, in turn, is busy submitting his request for a more powerful weapon, and yet “there is little sign that he has succeeded in this endeavor.”

Source: Washington Post + Sputnik

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