Washington Post warns Pelosi: China is not led by Jiang Zemin, but by Xi Jinping

An editorial in The Washington Post strongly criticized Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, noting that the visit would have implications in both the short and long term.

The trip caused both short-term damage, through the risk of an escalating harbinger of war, and long-term damage, in the form of increased Chinese pressure on Taiwan, according to the paper.

The newspaper pointed out that during the period of “geopolitical instability” one should not be distracted from Ukraine and risk the emergence of another dangerous zone.

The Washington Post recalls a similar crisis that occurred in 1995-1996, when China launched rocket attacks on Taiwan because of a visit by its president to the United States, and then Beijing retreated under the onslaught of American aircraft carriers.

However, the newspaper recalled that China is now “much stronger than a quarter of a century ago, and is led not by the cautious Jiang Zemin, but by the aggressive Mr. Xi.”

The paper also linked Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan to her attempts to end her career as congressional president, a post she is likely to lose after the election in the fall and an expected Republican victory.

Source: VP

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