Washington Post: Biden sold oil from his son Hunter’s strategic reserve, and the latter sold it to China

The Washington Post reported that US President Joe Biden sold oil from US reserves to Chinese company Sinopec, with which his son Hunter may still be connected with his financial projects.

Report author Glen Kessler commented, “If the news is true, it’s not normal.”

The story was reported to have begun with a direct Reuters article that appeared this month titled: “Oil from the United States…Stocks Headed Overseas as Gasoline Prices Continue to Rise,” noting that government data showed more than 5 million barrels exported from the US, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve was exported to Europe and Asia in June.

The Biden administration is taking oil from emergency stocks of crude oil stored in underground salt caverns along the Gulf Coast, first created in the 1970s. Presidents have sometimes used this reserve to soften the turmoil caused by an international event, such as the current soaring oil prices due to sanctions imposed on Russia in connection with the events in Ukraine.

The paragraph was hidden in a Reuters article in a segment that said: “An industry source said oil supplies from U.S. stockpiles are also heading to the Netherlands and the Reliance refinery in India. Another source said that a third shipment is heading to China. .”

The next day, the right-wing Washington Free Beacon published an article titled: Biden sold 1 million barrels of US strategic oil reserves to a Chinese-owned gas giant.

And a US Department of Energy press release issued a few weeks ago on April 21 lists 12 companies that have received contracts to buy US oil since bidding.

Citing related developments, the report said the influential right-wing newspaper The Federalist ran an article on Friday titled “Biden sold oil from emergency reserves to Chinese gas giant linked to his scandal-ridden son.”

The messages prompted congressional tweets in which Republican Marjorie Taylor Green wrote, “Hunter is still a business partner of the Chinese Communist Party and they are buying our oil.”

Source: Washington Post.

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