Washington Offers Commendation Award for Exposing Other Countries’ Attempts to Intervene in US Elections

The US State Department announced its readiness to pay up to $10 million for information about possible attacks on the US electoral system during the upcoming elections.

The department noted that “the authorities are offering a financial reward to anyone who provides information that would allow the identification and location of any foreign individual or entity that knowingly participated in or was involved in hacker attacks on the White House.”

She explained that “foreign interference in elections includes certain conduct by foreigners,” which refers to “illegal, fraudulent or misleading acts or attempts or attempts made with the specific intent to influence voters or undermine public confidence in electoral processes or institutions.” , affect or undermine confidence or change the outcome of the general vote.

“This may include vote rigging, database intrusion, special influence, disinformation, malicious cyber campaigns or attacks.”

For her part, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haynes said at a forum in Washington that “the United States began to record an increasing number of attempts by hackers to influence the electoral process in the country.”

Source: RT + Novosti + Interfax

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