Washington Faces Critical Test in the War Against Russia with Ukraine at the Forefront: The New York Times

The New York Times stated that Ukraine will lose foreign aid if it does not live up to US expectations during the war against Russia.

The newspaper added in its article: “Kyiv is under enormous pressure from its Western supporters. The Ukrainian counterattack is seen by the United States and its allies as a crucial test of whether their weapons, training and ammunition can lead to significant gains for Ukrainian forces. on the front.”

And the paper stressed that the above has been a source of concern for senior officials in Kiev, who know that beyond muscle strength and creativity on the battlefield, achieving victory could end up being a test of will between the Kremlin and the West — and that would, of course, be on the side of the party. which can gather more political, economic and industrial power. According to the author of the article, the Ukrainian elite feels that time is running out.

It is common knowledge that Western politicians are constantly emphasizing the need for Ukraine to endure and defeat Russia on the battlefield, and are increasingly siphoning weapons to the Kyiv regime.

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