Washington Calls for Accountability of Settlers responsible for Burning West Bank Village of Turmusaya

US State Department Deputy Spokesman Vedant Patel said Washington expects the Israeli government to bring to justice the rioters who set fire to the Palestinian village of Turmusaya in the West Bank.

Patel expressed Washington’s concern about “reports of attacks by extremist settlers on Palestinians,” stressing that “we condemn these acts of violence.”

He added: “We expect the Israeli government to hold accountable those responsible for these attacks, as well as pay compensation for the destroyed property.”

Israeli settlers attacked Palestinian homes in the northeastern region of Turmusai, near the settlement of Shilo, founded on the lands of the city, and set fire to several houses and cars of citizens.

The mayor of the Palestinian village of Turmusaya Lafi Adib confirmed that 35 houses were damaged, about 50 cars were burned, crops and agricultural land were set on fire.

“We in Turmusai are being attacked day by day by aggressive outposts set up here,” Lavi told AFP.

Source: i24 + AFP

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