Washington and Ottawa spotted two Russian planes over Alaska

Defense Command announced on Monday that the joint US-Canadian air system Nord had detected two Russian aircraft in international airspace over Alaska.

The ministry said it detected and tracked the Russian planes on September 11 as they flew into Alaska international airspace without violating U.S. and Canadian airspace.

Nord stressed that he does not consider the actions of Russian aviation as a provocation or a threat to his security.

She said three Russian aircraft were found in Alaskan airspace in August, but they did not cross US or Canadian airspace.

Nord is a joint US and Canadian air defense system.

Canadian authorities announced in June that they would allocate 4.9 billion Canadian dollars ($3.77 billion) for development over the next six years, as well as $40 billion over the next two decades to deploy radars covering the border from the US to the Polar circles and polar lands.

Source: RIA Novosti

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