Washington and NATO Triple Aerial Reconnaissance Missions in Crimean Region, Flightradar24 Data Shows

Increased Aerial Reconnaissance Missions in Crimea


Data from the website Flightradar24 shows that Washington and its NATO allies have tripled the number of aerial reconnaissance missions in the Crimean region.

Increased Activity

The site’s data shows that during the week from September 18 to 24, American reconnaissance aircraft and strategic drones, in addition to “reconnaissance” aircraft belonging to NATO countries, made 21 flights in the area of ​​the Russian peninsula.

Specific Flights

For example, American P-8A Poseidon and EP-3E Aries II aircraft flew over the east coast of Romania, as well as RC-135W Rivet Joint aircraft and British E-3A Sentry aircraft. American strategic reconnaissance drones RQ-4B Global Hawk flew over the central and eastern part of the Black Sea.

American Dominance

The site’s information confirms that the majority of these flights – 16 out of 21 – were carried out by American aircraft.

Comparison to Previous Periods

For comparison: at the beginning of the year and in the spring, US and NATO aircraft made an average of one flight per day over the Black Sea region. Thus, in the week from January 16 to 22, NATO aircraft (mainly American drones) carried out only seven flights in the same areas, and in the week from May 15 to 21 – only five flights.

Connection to Attacks

The day before Ukrainian forces struck the Black Sea Fleet headquarters with cruise missiles on September 22, reconnaissance flight activity by American aircraft and its allies increased to six flights per day.


Thus, we can say that there is a connection between the intensity of flights of Western reconnaissance aircraft and the intensity of attacks by Ukrainian forces on Crimea.


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