Warsaw calls on the EU to abandon green energy

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki stressed that ensuring energy security requires the EU to temporarily return to traditional energy sources, including coal, and abandon green energy.

In an article published in the Financial Times, he said: “Green transition cannot come at the expense of basic security. If the situation forces us to do so, we should not hesitate to temporarily return to traditional energy sources.”

“Even if this is a short-term return to coal and a delay in our ambitious climate goals, it may be a necessary condition for maintaining a strong European community,” he added.

Morawiecki cited current inflation in the European Union, the risk of fuel shortages for millions of citizens, and high electricity prices in the region.

He explained: “The Polish government has long been calling for changes that would prevent artificial increases in energy prices,” noting that “the Polish Ministry of Climate and Environment has lifted the quality requirements for coal used for heating for 60 days.”

For his part, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz urged the country’s citizens “to adapt to the fact that the difficult economic situation associated with inflation, rising energy prices and shortages of goods due to interruptions in supply chains will not change in the foreseeable future.”

The imposition of Western sanctions against Russia against the backdrop of a special operation in Ukraine has led to disruption of supply chains and rising prices for fuel, electricity and food in Europe and the United States.

Green energy is a designation given to any source that provides forms of clean, renewable or even renewable energy, and differs from non-renewable energy sources or fossil fuels in that it is unlimited, as well as being environmentally friendly and does not affect the environment. climate, and its types include solar energy, wind energy, water and others.

Source: News + Financial Times + agencies

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