Warning in Egypt about the distribution of dangerous meat

The head of the Farmers’ Syndicate in Egypt, Hussein Abu Saddam, said the spread of foot-and-mouth disease and lumpy skin disease had caused a lot of damage over the past few days.

He explained that the death of a livestock results in the loss of all of the breeder’s capital, explaining that if the livestock survives the death, treatment is very costly due to medication and veterinary supervision, as well as weight loss. , a drop in its price by less than two times compared to the real price and the death of young calves. The lactation period of infected dairy cattle.

The head of the Farmers’ Syndicate stressed that foot-and-mouth disease negatively affects the development of animals, weakening the demand for purchase and breeding, and because of this, livestock breeders get rid of their livestock, fearing to contract the disease, selling at a low price. , noting that there are those who slaughter sick cattle and sell them to people in any way; And it causes illness in those who eat it from the townspeople.

Hussein Abu Saddam made it clear that the livestock breeder, cattle traders and the market had suffered weeks of stagnation and great losses, but with the approach of Eid al-Adha, there was a revival and increased demand for the purchase of livestock for slaughter during the days of Eid al-Adha; Especially beef cattle, not breeding stock.

He pointed out that the spread of foot-and-mouth disease occurs in certain geographical areas and foci; But this is not enough because of the large number of livestock in Egypt.

Abu Saddam continued: Nobody buys a sick victim, and the victims in the market are mostly good, and there are some people who are afraid to go to the market to offer a victim for sale and return without selling it; They are forced to sell it at a low price, fearing infection in the market from sick cattle.

For her part, Dr. Samira Al-Jazzar, Member of the House of Representatives, submitted a request for a briefing to Councilor Dr. Hanafi Jabali, Speaker of the House, to refer him to the Prime Minister, Dr. Jabali. Mustafa Madbouli and Mr. Marzouk Al Quseir, Minister of Agriculture, to brief on the state of panic affecting farmers and livestock keepers in Minya Governorate and other isolated areas where the virus is spreading. – mouth disease of cattle. The disease caused the death of thousands of cattle and the loss of breeders, which are not counted. Large losses of livestock in Egypt.

Source: Cairo 24

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