Warframe Update 2.13 Patch Notes Details are Out Now – September 08, 2022

Frontier Developments has released a new Update 2.13 for Warframe. The following is a detailed overview of all the changes, fixes, and improvements implemented in the recently released version of the game. the Warframe Update 2.13 can now be downloaded, but the file size could vary depending on the platforms, including PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X.


Veilbreaker: Update 32 

Although The New War is largely over, Narmer’s enslavement of the Origin System continues. But who is in control of Narmer now? Many Grineer and others remain imprisoned and helpless under the crushing influence of the Narmer Veil.

Enter Kahl-175. Having survived his brush with the Sentients, and now free from their shackles, he emerges as the Origin System’s newest savior. Wield his explosive Grineer armaments as you race against time to rescue your Brothers from Narmer’s oppressive clutches. Battle Archons alongside your Squadmates, meet the 50th Warframe Styanax*, take on all-new Missions, bend time with the Protea Caladrius Collection, and much more! 

This update also has a heavy focus on Quality of Life (QOL) changes including a rework to Spearguns, the three starter Warframes (Excalibur, Mag, and Volt), improvements to Riven database collecting, a whole slew of  Warframe Augment Mod buffs, and more to be discovered below. 

The total download size is ~ 2.2 GB on PS4 and ~7.6 GB on PS5 (typical larger download due to system differences).

*50th Warframe Styanax Giveaway: Login today until September 21st to receive Styanax (includes Warframe Slot and Orokin Reactor) in-game via Inbox message! Please note that the inbox will be sent 15-20 minutes after the update has gone live, which may require you to re-log if you jump into the update right after it has downloaded.

A note from the Dev team: 

With Veilbreaker comes a weekly approach to the systems introduced in this update. We want a variety of options for players to plan Daily, Weekly, and Evergreen goals.

For Kahl’s Veilbreaking (and Kahl’s Garrison), we’re pushing Kahl’s weekly Garrison ‘Break Narmer’ missions to begin next week to give the team more time to polish the content. In the meantime, you can fully experience the Veilbreaker introductory Quest, Archon Hunts, and the Archon Shard System with Update 32: Veilbreaker.

With this goal of polishing comes the compromise that some of the rewards are also delayed a week, but we would rather have a more enjoyable experience vs. a rushed one. What that means for you is the free-path items through the new Chipper character, such as new Kahl cosmetics, new Mods, Styanax blueprints, new weapon blueprints etc., will be accessible when Kahl’s Break Narmer weekly missions begin. These missions are the only path to obtaining Stock, the currency used in Chipper’s offerings.

Once you have completed the Veilbreaker introductory quest, the following gameplay systems become available:

  • Kahl’s Garrison – COMING NEXT WEEK!
    • New Syndicate coming soon – this Syndicate auto-ranks with weekly gameplay progress rather than needing Standing!
    • Weekly ‘Break Narmer’ Garrison Assignments (Play As Kahl-175)
  • Archon Hunts – AVAILABLE NOW 
    • Archon Shards

* More detailed information on the above systems is provided in dedicated sections below. 

Update 32 includes the following code changes and fixes from PC Hotfix 31.5.4 and the new Veilbreaker content!

  • Made systemic micro-optimizations to memory footprint for Playstation.
    Fixed stackable buffs for Galvanized Scope/Crosshair being removed all at once when the first stack’s time runs out.

    • Also fixed Arcanes that have decaying stacks losing all their bonus when a stack expires.
  • Fixed custom Operator Energy not affecting Operator abilities or equipped Ephemera.
  • Fixed progress not saving/receiving rewards after completing a mission. As reported here:
  • Fixed controller icons overlapping in the Melee Combos screen.
  • Fixed being unable to tab through the loadouts in the Operator Appearance screen while using a controller.
  • Fixed casting the Necramech’s Necraweb Ability resulting in the Necramech becoming unarmed.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur under poor network conditions when streaming between areas (Elevator to Zariman, Cetus to Plains etc.)
  • Fixed Clients not receiving progress towards the Fallen Angel Nightwave challenge.
  • Fixed experiencing a Host Migration when attempting to join a public session from a Town to an Open World (Cetus > Plains, etc).

PlayStation Notes: 

  • Added ‘Premium Bundles’ category in the in-game Market.
  • Fixed dropping other PS4 Clients when loading into Deck 12 during Exploiter Orb mission if a player with a weaker connection attempts to Host.


Kahl-175 returns! In this solo introductory quest, witness the state of the Origin System following the events of The New War through the perspective of Grineer Lancer Kahl-175. Though Narmer’s leadership was shattered by the Tenno, many have yet to escape the Veil’s influence. With a new devotion to his Grineer brothers, Kahl partners with an unlikely ally to rescue those still imprisoned.

Quest Prerequisite: You must have The New War quest completed in order to unlock the Veilbreaker Quest in your Codex.

Completing the quest will reward you with the Archon Shard Helminth Segment Blueprint to install on your Helminth.



Upon completion of the Quest, Tenno will gain access to KAHL’S GARRISON, a new Syndicate located in the Drifter’s Camp on Earth. Next week you’ll get access to Rank up with this Syndicate by completing weekly Garrison Assignments to unlock new vendors in the camp, and customize Kahl with earned customizations.

‘Break Narmer’ Garrison Assignments – COMING NEXT WEEK!

Garrison Assignments are one-per-week solo missions available at Kahl in the Drifter’s Camp. Play as Kahl to continue his heroic task of freeing more victims from the Veil.

There are three unique Kahl driven missions accessible through Garrison Assignments. Additional challenges are presented during these Assignments and are optional to complete. Each week’s Break Narmer Assignment can be replayed throughout that week for more chances to complete the optional challenges. Completing these challenges rewards a new currency called Stock (more on this below) that can be spent in Kahl’s Garrison.

New Somachord Songs! – COMING NEXT WEEK! 

Four new Somarchord Songs are available to unlock by finding Somachord Fragments located throughout Garrison Assignment missions.


Since Kahl is not equipped with a scanner of his own, these Fragments can be collected by interacting with them to pick up.

Rank up Kahl’s Garrison – COMING NEXT WEEK!

This Syndicate auto-ranks with weekly gameplay progress rather than needing Standing! Unlocking ranks means building up the Garrison with new faces and opportunities.



Stock is the currency used to purchase items in Kahl’s Garrison. Collect them via Garrison Assignments to spend on:

  • New Archon Warframe Mods
  • Kahl Customizations
  • Fog of War Ephemera
  • Styanax Components
  • Various Weapon Blueprints
  • Archon Shards


New Archon Warframe Mods – COMING NEXT WEEK

A new collection of Warframe Mods has landed in Kahl’s Garrison! They offer an increase of core stats with added effects for elemental damage dealing abilities.


*Stats shown below are all at max rank.

Archon Continuity 
+55% Ability Duration. Abilities that inflict a Toxin Status Effect will also apply a Corrosive Status Effect.

Archon Stretch:
+45% Ability Range. Abilities that deal Electricity Damage restore +2 Energy/s over 5s.

Archon Vitality: 
+440% Health. Status Effects from Abilities that deal Heat Damage will be applied twice.
Please note that we are aware of this not working with some fire abilities e.g. Ember’s Fire Blast, this will be corrected in a future Hotfix/Update.

Archon Flow:
+275% Energy Max. Enemies killed by Cold Damage have a 10% chance to drop an Energy Orb. Cooldown: 10s.

Archon Intensify: 
+30% Ability Strength. Restoring Health with abilities grants +30% Ability Strength for 10s.

  • Likewise note that this currently has issues with some abilities that “heal over time” or trigger a heal after the ability is already running, we’ll be making improvements to this one as well.

Kahl Customizations – COMING NEXT WEEK 

Kahl’s Garrison will be present in your Drifter Camp following the completion of the Veilbreaker Quest. Visit Kahl-175 there and refresh his uniform with a variety of customization options. Equipped with Voidshell technology and a variety of Helmet and Attachment options, players can kit him with a unique look that would make his Brothers proud.

Leg, shoulder, and chest Armor you own can also be equipped on Kahl!


Upon completion of the Veilbreaker Quest, you will unlock Archon Hunts. Archon Hunts are a new class of weekly Mission that are available each week. Now, you can tackle these Narmer experiments with a full squad at your side!

Archon Hunts can be started from the tracking console in Kahl’s Garrison (releasing next week), or through navigation. Equip your Arsenal for a true test of your formidable power as Old foes re-join the fray.

Archon Hunt Missions

Face veiled opponents as you navigate familiar locations through Narmer-controlled parts of the Origin System. In an Archon Hunt, Tenno must complete three missions of increasing difficulty with additional restrictions. Only one Archon Hunt is available each week, so players can try their hand at completing it solo, or tackling it with a squad. For every player in the squad, enemies grow in strength (+50% Health and Shields per). While the Archon Hunt can be replayed, the rewards will only drop once.

Restrictions are also present for added impact:

  • Restricted Respawns:
    • No Self Revive: Can only be revived by other Tenno (or Companions).
    • Last Gasp Penalty: Activating the Last Gasp Focus ability reduces the timer by 2 seconds.
    • Bleedout Shortens: Bleedout duration is reduced after each time bleedout is entered, to a minimum of 5 seconds.
  • Restricted Consumables 
    • No Summons: Summons are disabled for the entire duration of the mission. This includes Specters, Necracmech, etc.
    • Cooldown Increase: Each type of Restore has a 3 minute cooldown timer applied. This cooldown affects all sizes of the restore type.

Similar to Arbitrations, Bonuses for certain Warframes and weapons are applied for the duration of that Archon Hunt. These bonuses are unique to you!

These missions are intended to be challenging, so select your loadouts carefully to overcome your obstacles and take down your opponents.

The team is aware and investigating a bug where the Archons will sometimes take exorbitant amounts of damage; we are looking to resolve this soon.

Enemy Types

Tenno who fought in The New War will remember the types of enemies that can be found in Archon Hunts. Alongside Veiled enemies, you will face Deacons. Deacons that once patrolled the Narmer-controlled system are now searching for more units to grow their flock of devout Veiled followers. Beware Tenno, coming in contact with the Deacons will be far more dangerous than your previous encounters, thanks to the posse that marches alongside them. A Deacon will stay unscathed unless you can deal with their surrounding troops first.

Archon Changes 

The final mission of the ARCHON HUNT will always be an Assasination – or ‘Archon Hunt’ mission – Tenno must take up arms against an Archon to complete the Hunt and earn themselves a great reward. Each weekly rotation of an Archon Hunt will feature a new Archon to defeat – Boreal, Amar, or Nira.

The Archons are not how you remember them, Tenno. Since your time fighting them solo in The New War, they have grown stronger. Each of the three Archons have received a rework to increase their difficulty level.

Their greater resistance to damage, harder-hitting attacks, and new methods of trickery make them a formidable foe – a well-equipped loadout and/or a resourceful squad are necessities to defeating these reworked Archons.


Archon Hunt Rewards 

Completing all three Archon Hunt missions awards you an Archon Shard – alongside a random reward from the reward pool. Each Archon comes equipped with a different Archon Shard. Each Shard offers unique benefits when equipped to push your arsenal to new heights. As well, each Shard earned has a 20% chance of being Tauforged. You can find more information on Shards in the Archon Shards section below.

The mission reword pool includes: 

  • Common:
    • Ayatan Anasa Sculpture
    • Riven Mod
  • Uncommon:
    • 3 Day Booster
    • 8000 Endo
    • 12,000 Kuva
  • Rare:
    • Exilus Warframe Adapter
    • 3 Forma
    • Orokin Catalyst Blueprint
    • Orokin Reactor Blueprint
  • Legendary:
    • Legendary Core

We are collecting your feedback in a dedicated Veilbreaker: Update 32 subforum: https://forums.warframe.com/forum/1788-update-32-veilbreaker/


Archon Shards are a source of anti-entropic radiation ideal for empowering synthetic lifeforms, most notably Archons and Warframes. Managing these Shards is done through Helminth in your Orbiter – read on below for details on what they are and how to use them.

Note: To engage with this system you must complete the Veilbreaker Quest!

What are Archon Shards

Archon Shards can be socketed in your Warframes to give permanent* additive (do not scale with mods) stat increases.

*Permanent in the sense that once socketed to your Warframe those stat increases are sustained unless you decide to un-socket it. Read the “How to Use Archon Shards” section to learn more about that. 

Archon Shards are earned in the two following ways:

1. Archon Hunts:

1 x guaranteed Archon Shard is rewarded after successfully completing all three missions in the weekly Archon Hunt.

  • With a 20% chance of that Shard being Tauforged.
  • The Tauforged status increases the overall power of a base Archon Shard’s additive stats by x1.5.
    • For example: A base Amber Archon Shard will offer +15% Sprint Speed, while the Tauforged version of that same Shard will offer +22.5% (15 x 1.5 = 22.5). 

2. Kahl’s Garrison (COMING SOON):

Kahl offers 1 x Archon Shard a week available for purchase for Stock!

Archon Shard Types

Each Archon drops a specific Shard color with different stat categories associated with it. Socket the same color of Archon Shards in your Warframe to focus on one type of combat advantage, or diversify your Shard usage for a more dynamic approach where you feel appropriate.

  • Azure Archon Shard 
    • Drops from: Archon Boreal (Earth Archon Hunt)
    • Stat Category: Defensive
  • Crimson Archon Shard 
    • Drops from: Archon Amar (Mars Archon Hunt)
    • Stat Category: Offensive
  • Amber Archon Shard 
    • Drops from: Archon Nira (Jupiter Archon Hunt)
    • Stat Category: Utility

How to Use Archon Shards

After completing the Veilbreaker Quest, an inbox will be delivered to you containing the Archon Shard Helminth Segment Blueprint to install in your Helminth. This unlock a new Menu in your Helminth Segment where you can Socket and Unsocket your hard-earned Shards on your equipped Warframe. Each Warframe has a total of 5 slots available to be filled.


Installed Archon Shards can be unsocketed to be reused, at the cost of 50% of your Bile Helminth resource pool.



You can also access equipped Archon Shards from the Arsenal. Hovering over one of the Shards will give you access to jump to the Shard management screen in the Helminth if you’d like to make changes.




Our 50th Warframe STYANAX has arrived! Styanax never wonders how many enemies he will face, only where he can find them.

Styanax is free now until September 21st just by logging in! Afterwards, he can be purchased via the in-game Market, or his components can be earned through Kahl’s Garrison using Stock (COMING SOON). 


Styanax’s critical chance increases with his shield strength and doubles for spearguns.

Axios Javelin
Throw an Axios Javelin. When the javelin impales an enemy against a wall, surrounding enemies are pulled into the area and suffer a burst of damage.

Tharros Strike
Summon Tharros, the shield of Styanax. Swing Tharros to repel enemies and reduce their shields and armor. Styanax regenerates health for every enemy struck.

*Tharros Strike is Styanax’s Helminth ability! 

Rally Point
Draw enemy attention to Styanax. His resolve uplifts nearby allies, regenerating the squad’s energy over time. Styanax and his allies also regenerate shields for every kill assist they contribute.

*Rally Point is Styanax’s Railjack ability!

Final Stand
Exude might and valor. Rise into the air and throw a barrage of Axios Javelins. The javelins deal damage to nearby enemies wherever they land. Direct hits to enemies deal greater damage.




Styanax’s speargun matches his might. Throw Afentis to pin an enemy and nearby enemies will also be stunned. Throw Afentis onto the ground to create a field that buffs allies. When allies bolstered by Afentis kill an enemy, they maintain the buff for a short time after they leave the field.

The Afentis blueprint can be purchased for Stock in Kahl’s Garrison. *Reminder that we’re pushing Kahl’s weekly Garrison ‘Break Narmer’ missions (this includes access to the Garrison) to begin next week to give the team more time to polish the content. 

Styanax Synmora Helmet
Remember your courage with each step. An elite helmet for Styanax.

Styanax Agogean Helmet 
Love the light of dawn even as you know the shadow of death. A distinguished helmet for Styanax.

Lanex Syandana
A syandana for the intrepid.

Styanax Leverian 
Visit Drusus Leverian to uncover the origins of this battle hardened Warframe.



A distinguished look befits a decorated warrior. This collection includes the Styanax Synmora Helmet, Styanax Agogean Helmet, Lanex Syandana, Styanax Voidshell Skin with Fieldron Form  Material Structure, and Tharros and Axios Display decoration.

The Slaytra is a powerful reiteration of the traditional Grineer Machete that doubles the duration of bleed from slash damage.

The Slaytra blueprint can be purchased for Stock in Kahl’s Garrison. *Reminder that we’re pushing Kahl’s weekly Garrison ‘Break Narmer’ missions (this includes access to the Garrison) to begin next week to give the team more time to polish the content. 


What the Aegrit lacks in quantity it makes up for in destructive power. Toss the Aegrit onto your enemy’s position then detonate remotely at the right moment for maximum destructive effect.

The Aegrit blueprint can be purchased for Stock in Kahl’s Garrison. *Reminder that we’re pushing Kahl’s weekly Garrison ‘Break Narmer’ missions (this includes access to the Garrison) to begin next week to give the team more time to polish the content. 


Stand by your brothers in arms and defend the defenseless with the items in this pack:

  • 350 Platinum
  • Slaytra Machete
  • Afentis Speargun
  • Ascension Speargun Skin
  • Aegrit Thrown Weapon
  • Fog of War Ephemera
  • Kahl’s Fortitude Sigil*
  • For My Brothers Glyph*
  • Noggle Statue – Kahl-175
  • 7-Day Affinity Booster
  • 7-Day Credit Booster

Items marked with a * are exclusive to this pack for a limited time. In an effort to continue to make Supporter packs more player-friendly, everything else listed can either be purchased separately from the in-game Market for Platinum or can be earned (Slaytra Machete, Afentis Speargun, Aegrit Thrown Weapon). The free path to the listed weapons will be available next week with the release of Kahl’s Garrison. 


The latest and greatest in the Void has brought forth ethereal capabilities for these Warframes. Don the morphic material created in the Zariman Void Jump.

Styanax Voidshell Collection 
Includes Styanax Voidshell Skin and the Fieldron Form material structure.

Excalibur Voidshell Collection
Includes the Excalibur Voidshell Skin and the Lunaro Striker material structure.

Wukong Voidshell Collection
Includes the Wukong Voidshell Skin and the Rubedo Impression material structure.

Nova Voidshell Collection 
Includes the Nova Voidshell Skin and the Pearlescent Plastid material structure.

Void Adornment Bundle II
Collect them all! Wukong, Excalibur, and Nova Voidshell skin with their material structures are available in this bundle.

These new Voidshell Collections are available for purchase in the in-game Market. 




Take command. Eliminate your adversaries. Restore order. The Protea Caladrius Collection  contains the:

Protea Caladrius Skin
Take command. Eliminate your adversaries. Restore order.

Daecret Tonkor Skin
Guardians of the highest order merit a dignified look.

Monitivus Thrown Weapon Skin
Sometimes elegance goes well with destructive power.

The Protea Caladrius Collection is available for purchase in the in-game Market. 

Styanax Community Display
Encapsulate the power of Styanax in this stunning display from TBGkaru.

Kahl-175 Community Glyph
Unveil your support for the veil-breaking warrior, Kahl-175, with this amazing community Glyph by MissMagicka

The Styanax Community Display and Kahl-175 Community Glyph are available for purchase in the in-game Market. 



Find the latest in TennoGen realness in the in-game Market!


TennoGen Bundle LXX

  • Octavia Mandachoralyst Skin & Helmet by kakarrot2812
  • Volt Technoshock Skin & Helmet by kakarrot2812
  • Piercing Eye Shoulder Armor by Mz-3 and HAROHARO
  • Piercing Eye Chest Armor by Mz-3 and HAROHARO
  • Heavy Blade Dogma Skin by Felix Leonhart


TennoGen Bundle LXXI

  • Wisp Raevuz Skin & Helmet by malaya and Xtygian
  • Revenant Ahriman Skin & Helmet by Vulbjorn, the graphical walrus.
  • Polearm Ulcerated Skin by Vulbjorn, the graphical walrus.
  • Vikasa Shoulder Plates by blazingcobalt
  • Paxis Shoulder Armor by  malaya and Jadie



This next (very large) section of the notes focuses on the QOL changes/fixes that are a core part of this update. It will cover the following:

  • Starter Warframe Ability Changes: Excalibur, Mag, & Volt
  • Warframe Augment Buffs Part 2
  • Armor Changes
  • Area of Effect Weapon Changes – Which covers:
    • Ammo Pick-Up Changes
    • Holster Speed Buffs & Mod Changes
    • Headshot Damage Changes
    • Primed Fulmination and Primed Firestorm Rebalancing
    • and more!
  • Spear Gun Changes
  • Syndicate Pledging
  • Riven Capacity System Changes
  • Last Gasp Rework
  • Solar Rail Junction Changes
  • Gilding Changes

An important note before diving into the QoL segments of these patch notes: 

Looking at the list above, this update touches a significant amount of existing content!  Many Tenno may have their loadouts affected by these changes, especially those to Warframes and AOE weapons. Historically, reworks that apply to resource-devoted gear have been met by a friendly compensation Inbox message, so players can expect the same in this case!

We hope you enjoy these free items by logging in before December 31st at 11:59PM ET: 

  • 3 x Built Forma
  • 2 x Orokin Catalysts
  • 2 x Orokin Reactors

PLUS to those eligible (accounts that own Primed Fulmination and/or Primed Firestorm), 20k Endo + 500k Credits will be delivered in a separate Inbox message!

We are collecting your feedback in a dedicated Veilbreaker: Update 32 subforum: https://forums.warframe.com/forum/1788-update-32-veilbreaker/



The classic trio has been revisited for a bit of a facelift! Our goals were to make all abilities relevant, while simplifying some mechanics for new players to better understand. The changes are as follows:

Slash Dash

  • Reworked chain targeting to pick the next best target after each slash instead of at the start.
    • Invalid targets aren’t removed from the list of potential targets as they may become valid again at some point (re-entering Line Of Sight or being at a closer distance).
  • Damage is now 100% Slash, guaranteeing Slash Status Effect.
  • Increased overall speed when dashing between enemies.
  • Increased active targeting of extra units.
  • Can now be canceled by jumping or dodging.
  • Reduced the slashing animation.
  • Improved in-air slash dashing animations.
  • Updated the FX with an accompanying Excalibur phantom trail after performing a Slash Dash.

Radial Javelin

  • Removed the cap on enemies that can be hit by Radial Javelin.
    • Prior to the change, there was a limit to the number of enemies Radial Javelin could hit. So, for example (not accurate numbers), even if 15 enemies were in range, it would only hit 10. Now it hits absolutely everything in range!  
  • Added guaranteed Slash Status Effect.
  • Animation tweaks:
    • Increased the size of the javelins.
    • The Javelins will now visually aim for the chest.



  • No longer requires you to Bullet Jump to pull pickups towards her.


  • Now creates a mini-vortex when casting, which gathers enemies in front of Mag. Polarize Shards on the ground will also be Pulled into this Vortex.
    • Helminth: Changed Mag’s Pull to now have diminished range when infused. Was 25m at max, now 12.5m.


  • Shards from Polarize are pulled into the Magnetize Bubble, including Shards orbiting Mag.
  • Charged Magnetize absorb shards increase its damage by 500 for each one. Scales with Ability Strength mods.
  • Increased the angle of Protective cast from 80 to 120 degrees across all ranks.
  • Unified Range value across all ranks (15m for Explosion Radius, 4m for Bubble Radius).
  • Unified Protective cast Absorption Multiplier across all ranks to 2x.
  • Added an FX when the Shards projectile expires.
  • Fixed the burst FX being incorrectly rotated.


  • Shards are now significantly larger and hover above the ground, making them much easier to see.
  • Shards within 3m of Mag now orbit her, inflicting the Slash or Puncture Status Effect to nearby enemies.
  • Unified Range and Duration across all ranks to 8m and 5s respectively.


  • Unified range across all ranks to 18m.



  • Increased the points of Electricity Damage added for every 1 meter traveled from 5 to 10.
  • Updated passive to also include bonus damage to ‘Shock’ on attacks that bounce.


  • Reduced cost from 25 to 15 energy.
  • Unified range across all ranks to 15m.


  • Increased base speed from 50% to 75%, and unified across all ranks.
  • Increased duration from 5/10s to 9/12s (base/max).
  • Increased the reload speed buff from 17.5% to 25%.
  • Unified the range for all ranks to 25m.

Electric Shield (all changes below are specific to its carrying mechanic)

  • Removed Speed reduction while carrying the Shield.
  • Removed Energy Drain for every 4 meters traveled while carrying the Shield..
  • Removed Secondary weapon restriction. Primary and Melee weapons can now be used while carrying Shield.
  • Updated sound FX for picking up and dropping Shield.


  • Unified Electric Pulse Range to 20m across all ranks, and Electric Arc Radius to 8m across all ranks.

General Warframe Changes: 


Celestial Twin Changes: 

Wukong is a top performer as a mobile and tanky Warframe. Celestial Twin has had the ability to effortlessly carry players through most content thanks to the Twin doing a lot of the heavy lifting. In an effort to encourage a more harmonious work relationship between Wukong and his Twin, we have made the following above adjustments:

  • Overall damage of Celestial Twin has been halved, but marking enemies with your Ability Button still offers a 3x damage boost against marked targets.
  • Celestial Twin is vulnerable to self-stagger from its own weapon.
    • As the Twin shares your Wukong’s loadout, this can be bypassed by adjusting your mods accordingly if you wish.
  • Wukong and his Celestial Twin now share an Ammo Pool. Ammo that is picked up by either you or your Celestial Twin is shared between you. Upon running out of ammo for a specific weapon, the Twin will either swap to a weapon in your loadout that does have ammo or swap to melee when completely out of ammo. The Twin will also search out Ammo pickups.
    • Prior to this change, Celestial Twin had an infinite ammo pool, which allowed for the use of high-impact low-ammo weapons, such as the Bramma, to be used far outside the weapon’s balance intentions. Since your Twin now inherents your loadout, a more active role is encouraged to maintain its effectiveness.  
  • Made several HUD adjustments to Wukong’s Celestial Twin/Defy icons so that they are not stretched or overlap other UI elements.

Primal Fury Changes:

  • Melee stance has been reworked to modern standards – bigger hits in the combos now have larger damage multipliers built in.
  • Added a short duration vortex pull at the end of his forward combo when he slams the floor. Does not scale with Ability Strength Mods.

Revenant’s Mesmer Skin Change: 

  • Now grants 1 second of invulnerability after a charge is consumed.
    • The addition of Overguard affected the efficiency of Mesmer Skin, as rapidfire Overguarded enemies would melt through their Mesmer Skins and remain unaffected by the incoming sleep effect. To bring this ability closer to its original intention, Mesmer Skin will now grant 1 second of invulnerability after a charge is consumed. This gives players time to react to these powerful units before taking their full damage.

Mesa’s Ballistic Battery Changes: 

  • Increased maximum stored damage from 1.6k to 5k.
  • Changed the casting animation to be only upper body and use one hand.
    • This allows casting to be done without interrupting shooting. 
  • Changed damage accumulation to be shown as a buff indicator instead of % on ability.
    • The refresh buff indication now calls out ‘Ballistic Battery’ outright and uses its ability icon while accumulating. 
  • Mesa now has the ability to use Ballistic Battery during Peacemaker.
  • Buff indicator refreshes when the shot is fully charged.


In Update 31.2, we buffed a number of underused Warframe augments. The time has come to continue this work! This batch tackles Warframes from Loki to Rhino (of which there are surprisingly many!). We have increased their viability in missions, which we hope will  encourage more build diversity.

*Stats below are all at Max Rank.

Loki’s Safeguard Switch 

  • Was: After teleporting with an Ally they will be invulnerable for 6s.
  • Now: Offers half the invulnerability time for Loki, and cleanses status on both targets when switching.
    • Also added a HUD icon for invulnerability time for Loki when switching to an enemy.

Mag’s Fracturing Crush 

  • Was: Survivors have their armor decreased by 50% and become unable to move for 7 seconds.
  • Now: Augment functions unchanged, casting speed is increased by 50%.

Mesa’s Staggering Shield 

  • Was: Reflected bullets gain a 50% chance of staggering enemies.
  • Now: Augment function unchanged, reflected bullet stagger chance now scales with Ability Strength (up to 100% stagger if you have 200%+ Ability Strength).

Mesa’s Ballistic Bullseye 

  • Was: Applies a 100% Status Chance bonus to the shot, based on the amount charged.
  • Now: The shot gains a +50% Final Critical Chance bonus, based on the amount charged.

Nekros’ Soul Survivor 

  • Was: Use on a downed ally to revive them with 30% of health. Nekros’s energy will be consumed.
  • Now: Core Augment function unchanged, but no longer requires all of Nekros’ Energy to be consumed on cast. It now costs the same as base Soul Punch (25 Energy) to cast.
    • Also added 2 seconds of invulnerability for the revived player to protect them during the standing-animation.

Nezha’s Pyroclastic Flow 

  • Was: Accumulate 150% of the damage Fire Walker deals, unleashing it in a trail of fire that lasts 10s.
  • Now: Accumulate 250% of damage done by Fire Walker, and the trail of fire forces a Heat Status Effect. Duration is unchanged.

Nidus’ Insatiable 

  • Was: Nidus has a 60.0% chance of generating an additional Mutation stack whenever he gains one, while standing in the Ravenous Infestation.
  • Now: The chance to gain extra stacks now scales with Power Strength, and chances higher than 100% have the chance to give multiple Mutation Stacks.
    • Ex. 150% is guaranteed 1 bonus Mutation and 50% to get a second.

Nidus’ Larva Burst 

  • Was: Reactivate Larva to detonate and deal 300 Toxin Damage in 5m Range. This damage stacks for every enemy grabbed by the Larva.
  • Now:  Reactivate Larva to detonate and deal 600 Toxin Damage in 8m Range. This damage stacks for every enemy grabbed by the Larva.

Nova’s Neutron Star 

  • Was: On recast, all remaining particles will seek out enemies and deal 120 Blast Damage with guaranteed Status Effect in 8 meters.
  • Now: On recast, all remaining particles will seek out enemies and deal  240 Heat Damage with a guaranteed Heat Status Effect to foes within 16 meters. Particles from Neutron Star have a doubled “seek radius” to find targets compared to Null Star.

Nova’s Antimatter Absorb

  • Was: Absorbs enemy bullets within 3 meters, increasing its damage when it explodes.
  • Now: Absorbs enemy bullets within 5 meters, increasing its damage when it explodes.

Nyx’s Pacifying Bolts 

  • Was: Affected enemies will be confused for 10 seconds.
  • Now: Core Augment function unchanged. Creates an additional 3 Bolts on cast.

Octavia’s Partitioned Mallet 

  • Was: Allows for two simultaneous Mallets, each with 50% reduced range.
  • Now: Core Augment function unchanged. The Range for the simultaneous Mallets is increased to 80%.

Revenant’s Blinding Reave 

  • Was: Enemies hit are blinded by Reave’s fog for 10s.
  • Now: Core Augment function unchanged. Reave gains +40% Range.

Rhino’s Reinforcing Stomp 

  • Was: Iron Skin Health is replenished by 80 for each enemy affected.
  • Now: Iron Skin Health is restored by 4% for each enemy affected. The value of health restored no longer scales with Ability Strength.
    • The percentage of Iron Skin Health restored is based on the Peak Value of Iron Skin following ability cast and invulnerability period.
    • This change should help this Augment scale better in higher-level missions instead of using flat Health values.

Rhino’s Piercing Roar 

  • Was: Enemies within 25m will be knocked down and suffer from a Puncture Status Effect. Roar can be recast.
  • Now: Enemies within 25m will be knocked down and suffer 10 stacks of Puncture Status. Roar can be recast. Additionally increases Roar’s Range by +40%.

Oberon’s Hallowed Reckoning 

  • Was: Enemies affected by Reckoning emit a 2m Area of Effect that increases Ally armor by 250 and inflicts 150 damage per second to enemies.
  • Now: Area of Effect Range increased to 3m, which scales with Ability Range. Enemy damage increased to 300 damage per second. Additionally increases the Range of Reckoning by 40%.



Armor is a fundamental part of Warframe’s balance, but the act of stripping armor has always been somewhat hard to gauge. Currently, when an armor stripping Ability is cast it uses the target’s current armor as the base for its calculation. This means that you may have to cast that Ability several times on the same enemy in order to strip their armor completely.

Players have adapted to this system by maximizing Ability Strength to the point where the armor stripping effect is as close to 100% as possible – thus reducing the number of casts required to strip armor to one.

In the effort of encouraging build diversity and streamlining the way that armor stripping abilities work, we are making the following changes:

ALL Armor Stripping Warframe abilities now apply to the TOTAL armor value.

How it worked before: You cast an ability that strips 50% Armor. The first cast will reduce the foe’s Armor to 50%, the second cast will reduce the armor to 25%, taking half of the existing 50%. This was the case for every ability except Oberon’s Reckoning, and special exceptions like Shattering Impact.

How it works now: Casting an ability that strips 50% Armor will reduce their Armor to 50% on the first cast, and 0% on the second cast.
This applies to every single Armor removal ability in the game. We have also buffed a few of these abilities in the process to bring them up to a usable level in light of these changes:

  • Increased Frost’s Avalanche armor reduction from 40% to 60% and changed the armor reduction to be permanent.
    • Frost’s Avalanche can also now reduce armor from targets even if they are immune to crowd control abilities.
  • Increase Nekros’ Terrify armor reduction from 20% to 60%.
  • Increase Oberon’s Reckoning armor reduction from 30% to 50%.
  • Changed Banshee’s Sonic Fracture (Augment) armor reduction to be permanent.
  • Increase Mag’s Fracturing Crush (Augment) armor reduction from 50% to 75%, remove the 80% cap per cast and change the armor reduction to be permanent.
  • Increase Trinity’s Abating Link (Augment) armor reduction from 45% to 60%.


Area of Effect (AoE) weapons are a pretty dominant aspect of Warframe gameplay, especially affected by the removal of self-damage a few years ago. We want AoE weapons to feel impactful, but we feel their current state needs adjustment.

Before we get into the specific ‘WHAT’ of the changes to AoE, let’s talk about the broad ‘WHY’ of these changes. There are 3 core reasons:

1) “Can this be automated?” 
Currently, some explosive weapons and playstyles remove the need to aim, or otherwise care about your surroundings.  This doesn’t fit the “automated” category perfectly, but we want such impactful weapons to require more consideration and tactical decision making than currently exists.

2) “Is this overly dominant?” 
Warframe is a game full of very powerful tactics, but problems arise when players feel ‘forced’ to use specific choices. The top 5 most popular weapons are all AoE, accounting for 47% of all weapon usage at high Mastery Rank AOE usage stats. In situations where efficiency is important, some would say you aren’t playing ‘correctly’ if you’re not utilizing these choices, which some players don’t necessarily find fun.

3) “Is this playstyle disruptive to other players?” 
A majority of sessions are played co-op, so ideally everybody gets a chance to play. We’ve reached a point where players are asking us to change these weapons, because they leave so little for others to do.

With our motivations clear, we can now get into specifics. We approached this change in a multitude of ways:

  1. Ammo Changes
    a. Ammo Pick Up
    b. Holster Speed Buffs & Mod Changes
  2. Headshot Damage Changes
  3. Primed Fulmination and Primed Firestorm Rebalancing
  4. New Steel Path Missions: Void Fissures

1. Ammo Changes

We understand the power fantasy of these weapons is very popular for some, so our first approach was to keep them powerful, but limit how often they can be used by making changes to ammo pick-up.

1. a) Ammo Pick Up

Ammo drop types have been simplified to Primary, Secondary and Heavy ammo. We have eliminated the Sniper and Shotgun ammo types. ‘Ammo Pickup’ is also a new property on every weapon, it indicates the amount of ammo you get when picking up an ammo box.

We also increased base ammo pickup values as follows: 

  • Primary – from 60 to 80
  • Secondary – from 20 to 40

We also increased the alt fire ammo requirement per projectile: 


  • Increased Alt fire ammo requirement from 10 to 15.


  • Increased Alt fire ammo requirement from 3 to 9.
  • Faster regen rate from empty for 2 secs.

Tenet Tetra:

  • Alt fire is no longer a toggle, and doesn’t require  a full mag to fire.
  • Total damage is now based on ammo in mag on fire.

Ammo Pickup Overrides
The following weapons now have ammo pickup overrides, meaning they gain less from picking up ammo. This mostly applies to AoE weapons, in hopes that players will become more deliberate with their aim to make the most of their Ammo pools. The following lists the specific ammo pick up overrides per weapon category.

Primary Weapon Ammo Pick Up Overrides 
1 Ammo per Pick Up:

  • Kuva Bramma
  • Kuva Ogris
  • Kuva Zarr
  • Lenz
  • Proboscis Cernos

3 Ammo per Pick Up:

  • Tonkor
  • Kuva Tonkor

4 Ammo per Pick Up:

  • Tenet Envoy

5 Ammo per Pick Up:

  • Carmine Penta
  • Penta
  • Secura Penta
  • Ogris

9 Ammo per Pick Up:

  • Zarr

10 Ammo per Pick Up:

  • Torid

15 Ammo per Pick Up:

  • Arca Plasmor
  • Catchmoon (Primary)
  • Cedo
  • Cernos
  • Cernos Prime
  • Corinth
  • Corinth Prime
  • Daikyu
  • Dread
  • Drakgoon
  • Exergis
  • Felarx
  • Hek
  • Komorex
  • Kuva Chakkhurr
  • Kuva Drakgoon
  • Kuva Hek
  • Lanka
  • MK1-Paris
  • MK1-Strun
  • Mutalist Cernos
  • Paris
  • Paris Prime
  • Phantasma
  • Rakta Cernos
  • Rubico
  • Rubico Prime
  • Sancti Tigris
  • Simulor
  • Sporothrix
  • Sporelacer (Primary)
  • Snipetron
  • Snipetron Vandal
  • Sobek
  • Synoid Simulor
  • Strun
  • Strun Prime
  • Strun Wraith
  • Tenet Arca Plasmor
  • Tigris
  • Tigris Prime
  • Vaykor Hek
  • Vectis
  • Vectis Prime
  • Vulkar
  • Vulkar Wraith

20 Ammo per Pick Up:

  • Tombfinger (Primary)

40 Ammo per Pick Up:

  • Acceltra
  • Aeolak
  • Alternox
  • Astilla
  • Astilla Prime
  • Boar
  • Boar Prime
  • Gaze (Primary)
  • Ignis
  • Ignis Wraith
  • Kohm
  • Kuva Kohm
  • Miter
  • Opticor
  • Opticor Vandal
  • Stahlta
  • Tenet Tetra
  • Vermisplicer (Primary)

60 Ammo per Pick up:

  • Amprex
  • Javlok
  • Scourge
  • Scourge Prime
  • Trumna
  • Zhuge Prime

Primary Weapons with Ammo Regen Rates Overrides: 

  • Basmu: From 42/s to 10.5/s
  • Bubonico: From 9/s to 4.5/s
  • Flux Rifle: From 40/s to 24/s
  • Fulmin: From 30/s to 20/s
  • Shedu: From 28/s to 3.5/s

Secondary Weapon Ammo Pick up Overrides: 
3 Ammo per Pick Up:

  • Angstrum
  • Prisma Angstrum
  • Kulstar

4 Ammo per Pick Up:

  • Castanas
  • Sancti Castanas
  • Pox
  • Talons

5 Ammo per Pick Up:

  • Akarius

9 Ammo per Pick Up:

  • Kuva Seer

20 Ammo per Pick Up:

  • Akbronco
  • Akbronco Prime
  • Atomos
  • Brakk
  • Bronco
  • Bronco Prime
  • Catabolyst
  • Catchmoon (Secondary)
  • Cyanex
  • Detron
  • Epitaph
  • Euphona Prime
  • Gaze (Secondary)
  • Kohmak
  • Twin Kohmak
  • Kompressa
  • Kuva Nukor
  • Kuva Brakk
  • Mara Detron
  • Nukor
  • Pyrana
  • Pyrana Prime
  • Sepulcrum
  • Sporelacer (Secondary)
  • Sonicor
  • Staticor
  • Tenet Detron
  • Tombfinger (Secondary)
  • Twin Rogga
  • Vermisplicer (Secondary)
  • Zakti
  • Zakti Prime
  • Zymos

Many weapons have also had their maximum ammo capacity adjusted.
Primary Weapons:

  • Arca Plasmor: From 48 to 50
  • Corinth: From 132 to 135
  • Gaze (Primary): From 400 to 200
  • Kuva Zarr: From 15 to 5
  • Kuva Ogris: From 30 to 7
  • Kuva Tonkor: From 60 to 11
  • Miter: From 72 to 80
  • Proboscis Cernos: From 9 to 7
  • Sporelacer (Primary): From 130 to 60
  • Tenet Envoy: From 24 to 16
  • Tombfinger (Primary): From 540 to 120
  • Vermisplicer (Primary): From 226 to 90
  • Zarr: From 84 to 60
  • Secondary Weapons:
  • Epitaph: From 60 to 40
  • Gaze (Secondary): From 400 to 200
  • Vermisplicer (Secondary): From 226 to 90

Secondary Weapons with Ammo Regen Rates Overrides:

  • Cycron: From 40/s to 20/s
  • Tenet Cycron: From 40/s to 20/s

We also reduced the frequency of ammo drops from enemies and made them scale with squad size. 

  • Used to drop from 70% of regular enemies and 80% of Open World enemies, now they drop less frequently, with smaller squads getting more drops
    • 1p squad = 45%, or 60% in Open Worlds
    • 2p squad = 37.5%, or 52.5% in Open World
    • 3p squad = 30%, or 45% in Open Worlds
    • 4p squad = 22.5%, or 37.5% in Open Worlds

On average you’ll be getting Ammo drops half as often, but most weapons with the aforementioned increase of pickup values receive twice as much.

Eximus will now have a guaranteed drop of either Primary OR Secondary Ammo in addition to existing base enemy ammo drops.

  • Increased the chance of a Riven Sliver dropping from Eximus Units.
    • Steel Path Eximus: changed from 1% to 2% drop chance
    • Regular Eximus: changed from 0.5% to 2% drop chance
      • Note that Riven Slivers still only have a chance to drop from Eximus level 30 and over

Made the following changes to Mods/Arcanes in light of the above ammo changes (stats shown at max rank): 

  • Rifle Ammo Mutation: Now converts Secondary ammo pickups to 50% of Ammo Pick Up.
  • Pistol Ammo Mutation: Now converts Primary ammo pickups to 50% of Ammo Pick Up.
  • Shotgun Ammo Mutation: Now converts Secondary ammo pickups to 50% of Ammo Pick Up.
  • Sniper Ammo Mutation: Now converts Secondary ammo pickups to 50% of Ammo Pick Up.
  • Primary/Secondary Merciless Arcane: Removed its +100% Ammo Maximum bonus.
  • Vigilante Supplies Mod: Now converts Secondary ammo pickups to 30% of ammo pickup.
  • Mirage’s Explosive Legerdemain Augment: Increased damage dealt from proximity mines created from Ammo and Orbs pickups from 500 to 1000.

Deployable Ammo Restores now restore 1x (for small), 2x (for medium), and 3x (for large) Primary and Secondary Ammo Pick up amounts every 15s for 60s.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on how these ammo changes affect specific weapons’ performance and popularity. Expect more tweaks to these values in future updates!


1. b) Holster Speed Buffs & Mod Changes

These changes to Ammo encourage swapping between weapons, so we’ve taken the opportunity to dramatically increase the swapping speed between Primary and Secondary. The real purpose of your Secondary weapon is for it to be a backup to your Primary, but with the holster speeds the way they were before that vision was not realized – until now!

In light of the overall speed buff to holster speed, we have made the following changes to the mods and Arcanes that offered holster speed stat increases:

(All stats below are shown at max rank)

Vigorous Swap:

  • Removed its 100% Holster Speed” bonus on equip – but maintained its +165% Damage for 3s.

Streamlined Form:

  • Removed its +60% Holster Rate bonus.
  • Increased Slide buff from 15% to 30%.
  • Increased Friction Reduction from 15% to 30%.
    • This mod is chronically underused, so it easily deserved to be a bit stronger in light of the holster changes!

Synth Reflex:

  • Removed its 100% Holster Speed bonus and reload 5% of Magazine/s when holstering Primary and Secondary weapons.
  • Replaced with +40% Bullet Jump for 2 secs.

Speed Holster Aura Mod:

  • Renamed to Holster Amp.
  • Removed its +120% Holster Rate bonus.
  • It now deals +60% Damage for 3s on equip.

Primary/Secondary Dexterity Arcane:

  • Removed their “+60% Holster Speed” bonus.

Reflex Draw, Soft Hands, Twitch (Conclave):

  • Removed their holster rate increase.
  • They now apply -40% Weapon Recoil and -40% spread for 8s on equip.


2. Headshot Damage Changes

During playtesting, the ammo changes alone weren’t enough to significantly change things for AoE weapons. So instead of tightening these values to be overly restrictive, we chose to address other factors that make these weapons so strong, such as headshot damage.

Our approach here is two-fold, to reduce the impact of headshots for AOE weapons, but to also make precision headshots pack a larger punch overall.

  • Radial damage no longer gains extra headshot damage or triggers headshot conditions.
    • This is primarily targeted at the Ignis Wraith – as a “flamethrower” weapon, it’s hard to imagine a blanket of elements being precise enough to target weak points specifically. Explosive projectiles themselves can still land headshots, so there is still a reason to aim with most weapons for maximum damage.
  • Increased the base damage multiplier on headshots from 2x to 3x.
    • This means precision weapons are more rewarded for skillful usage, leveling the playing field even further!

3. Mod Rebalancing and Changes

Finally, we’ve changed the effects on a few specific mods that increase explosive radius.

The mods Primed Firestorm and Primed Fulmination both offered a 66% increase in explosive radius, which is being reduced to 44%, matching the increase offered by other Primed mods. Primed Mods traditionally offer around double the value of the base Mods, but these two offered tripled value. This change is reflective of the Primed Mod standard.

We were also seeing an influx of players using the Furax with the Amalgam Furax Body Count mod as AoE weapons have become more and more prevalent. So we removed its +20% Blast Radius on Specialized Launchers and replaced it with +45% Fire Rate for Secondary Weapons.

In light of the above changes, we have also buffed the following mods:

  • Reach Mod: Increased range from +1.1 to +1.5.
  • Tactical Pump: Increased reload speed from 30% to 60%.

4. New Steel Path Missions: Void Fissures

While evaluating AoE, we found another angle of consideration: mission design. Specifically Fissure missions where AoE lethality is common and problematic. For each new Prime Access, we ask players to revisit these lower level missions to open Relics – in Lith missions it can be difficult to even earn Reactant if you kill too quickly! Which leads us to the following addition of Steel Path Void Fissure Missions.

If you are an experienced Warframe player, you are extremely familiar with the Void Fissure mission flow: Select Relic and blitz through enemies to crack it. It is obvious that where Void Fissure missions are, they are far too easy and can be completed with little to no friction (looking at you Lith). Ultimately, this makes the Prime content not as engaging as it could be, while also leaving new players behind in the dust as the experienced rip through enemies before they can get to them.

The solution: Steel Path Void Fissure missions. 

When enabling Steel Path in Navigation, Void Fissure missions in the World State Window will now have the usual Steel Path flare apply (Acolytes, difficulty modifiers, etc.). To make it worth your while, 1 x Steel Essence is also awarded for every Relic you crack.

As you can see, we’ve evaluated the problem from many different angles, and are hopeful that these changes will lead to a healthier gamestate overall. As part of our comprehensive AOE review pass, we focused on weapons with Ammo Pools. We are aware of the way Glaive/Thrown Melees behave and are reviewing closely to see if their dominance will require a revision pass as well. But as always, we’ll be watching for your feedback. So bring your AoE weapons into a mission and get a good feel for it (with all of the above in mind) before you share your thoughts.


We have changed the way that Spear Guns function in-game to help increase their viability in mission. Based on overwhelming community feedback we’ve:

  • Removed the need to manually retrieve your Spear Gun once it’s been thrown. Your Spear Gun now re-appears in your hand using reload.
  • Removed the need to charge your Spear Gun to throw it, simply Tap alt-fire to throw!
    • Within the arsenal, ‘Charged Throw’ stats have simply become ‘Throw’ stats.

Spear Guns have also received new throw animations and updated sound FX on reload, plus a new Spear Gun category has been added when searching for weapons in the Arsenal.



We have decoupled the need to wear an affiliated Syndicate Sigil to gain Standing in-mission. Meaning Syndicate Sigils are now purely cosmetic!

*Pledging is only available for the 6 Faction Syndicates: Steel Meridian, New Loka, Arbiters of Hexis, Cephalon Suda, Red Veil, and The Perrin Sequence. 

In their place, you now have the ability to Pledge allegiance to a Syndicate to increase your Standing with them and their allies. We have also removed the Rank-specific Standing bonuses inherent with Sigils. Now, Pledging will earn you 15% of Affinity gain (previously the top rank 5 Sigil bonus) as Standing in that Syndicate, regardless of your Rank. 

Pledging is done in the Syndicate segment in your Orbiter. You will be able to select which Syndicate to Pledge to after accessing your Syndicate Segment following this update. Should you change your mind, you can simply select the ‘Change Pledge’ button and select a new Syndicate to pledge yourself to. Alternatively, you can Rescind your Pledge if you are unsure what Syndicate to commit to.

To help with managing your Standing across Syndicates, pledging allegiance now better displays the Syndicate’s relationship status with the other Syndicates (neutral, enemy, or allied).




Those familiar with Rivens may be aware that they come in two states: Veiled and Unveiled. Both of these kinds of Rivens take up Riven Slots and can be equipped to weapons.

After many years in the case of Riven collectors vs. database restrictions, we’ve added a third state to Rivens that allows them to be stackable and not take up Riven Slots. All newly acquired Rivens will be in this indistinct state, identified by ‘???’ in place of ‘Veiled’ in their Mod label and a new Mod Icon, , meaning you will be able to continue to earn Rivens as rewards beyond your Riven Slot capacity.

In this new, these Mods will not show Riven Challenges or take up a Riven Slot until they are equipped onto a weapon. The Mod description for this new Mod type explains this mechanic as well.

Here is a breakdown of the three Riven states for clarity:

‘???’ Rivens

  • All new Rivens obtained via Rewards, Palladino, etc.
  • Stackable and will not take up Riven Slots
  • Riven Type (Archgun, Rifle, etc.) is revealed, but not the Challenge
  • Tradeable


  • What an Indistinct Riven becomes once equipped to a Weapon
  • Challenge Revealed
  • Takes up Riven Slots
  • Tradeable


  • Challenge Completed
  • Stats are revealed and can be cycled via Kuva
  • Tradeable

Since the only number we have to track with this new Riven state is the quantity owned, the database load is greatly diminished, and you can keep as many as you want! Only once a mod of this type is equipped onto a weapon does the challenge reveal itself, making the Riven apply to your account cap. This is a particularly useful change for Sorties, as you will no longer be locked out of playing them if you are at your maximum Riven cap.

A confirmation screen will appear after attempting to equip the Riven, and will display the amount of Riven slots you have available before you commit to equipping it and using up a slot.

Acquisition of new Riven mods from Vendors and other reward drops now give Indistinct Rivens.

We have made some changes to Unairu’s Passive ‘Last Gasp’ to improve its convenience and usability.

  • Last Gasp meter now starts at 0% instead of 50%, but there is no initial drain. Instead, drain will set in after a few seconds of not getting any kills. Once the drain has run for a few seconds, it will begin to accelerate.
    • This was intended to address players remaining in Last Gasp indefinitely by timing their kills. Each kill now fills the meter by 1/3, and Eximus kills refill the meter instantly. 
  • You can now hold the Transference input to return to your downed Warframe.
  • The UI has been updated to communicate these changes.
  • Removed ‘get up’ animation when reviving in Last Gasp.
  • Stopped looping sound when Last Gasp ends.
  • Reduced the spawn animation of Last Gasp.



This is a follow up to other Solar Rail Junction changes we have made this year, specifically in Update: 31.5 and Hotfix 31.6.4. As part of the same initiative to improve new player progression through the Junctions, this batch of changes has a predominant focus on the unreliable difficulty level of Specters; they do far too much damage but also have very low health, so either you get nuked to oblivion or vice versa. In an effort to level out the playing field, we have done a review of the biggest pain point Specters and made adjustments.

General Junction Changes & Fixes:

  • Added a short title card intro after triggering the panel and before combat begins to introduce the Specter of that Junction.
  • Added a boss health bar in the UI for Junction Specters.
  • Swapped Volt Specter Junction location (Venus to Mercury) with Rhino Specter (Earth to Venus).
    • Volt Specter is easier overall (due to his abilities being more obviously telegraphed), and was therefore more fitting of an earlier Junction. 
  • Removed ragdoll on Specters when defeated.
  • The cinematic for activating a Solar Rail will now play (can be skipped if desired) on Junction replay, even if it has already been completed.
  • Fixed loss of functionality when downed by a Specter, triggering Last Gasp.
  • Fixed the Junction Specter ragdoll stopping after the Junction Specter has been defeated.

Specific Specter Changes: 

Loki (Earth to Mars)

  • Increased his base health from 160 to 180.

Trinity (Mars to Ceres)

  • Reduced her level from 20 to 15.
  • Reduced her Melee and Primary weapon damage.
  • Increased her armor from 200 to 215.

Valkyr (Ceres to Jupiter)

  • Added a max active time of 10s to the Valkyr Specter’s Hysteria ability.

Nova (Jupiter to Europa)

  • Removed Nova Specter’s Molecular Prime ability.
    • It simply did not telegraph well, which resulted in increased damage on players without much notice.
  • Reduced the amount of damage done from Nova’s Kunai secondary.
  • Nova Specter will now cast her Worm Hole ability in specifically placed waypoints located around the Junction room.
  • Increased the rate at which the Nova Specter uses her Worm Hole ability.
  • Moved the Nova Specter’s spawn point slightly forward.

Ember (Jupiter to Saturn)

  • Reduced the Ember Specter’s level from 25 to 20.
  • Reduced the damage and fire rate of the Ember Specter’s Magnus secondary.

Equinox (Saturn to Uranus)

  • Reduced the Equinox Specter’s level from 30 to 25.

Frost (Uranus to Neptune)

  • Removed the Frost Specter’s Avalanche ability.
    • This proved to be too powerful an ability for the Frost Specter, as it would freeze players on the spot and frequently resulted in being one shot by the Specter.
  • Made tweaks to Frost Specter’s ability stats.
  • Increased cooldown duration for his abilities.
  • Increased path damage for Ice Wave.

Junction Fixes: 

  • Fixed getting punted out of the room when defeated by Specter.
  • Fixed combat music not resetting when defeated by Specter.
  • Fixed the kneel animation dissolving on a loop when Specter has been defeated.
  • Fixed companion not being revived and teleported back to you at the spawn point after being defeated by Specter.
  • Fixed Specter kneeling animations for bulkier Warframes to prevent their hands from clipping through themselves.


As mentioned on Devstream #163, we have made changes to the Gilding system to make it easier to access the full power of your Modular items earlier on in-game. For those players that have just completed the Second Dream and are looking to craft a more powerful Amp to help you into and beyond The New War – these changes are for you!

Instead of upon Gilding, modular weapons will now have their full stats available upon ranking up to Level 30. Gilding your Modular weapon now serves the purpose of allowing it to earn Mastery and unlock customization. This allows players to have access to more powerful gear without needing to fully level and earn Standing for the respective Syndicates!


We have drastically reduced the cooldown on Operator Transference.

In Update 31.5: Angels of the Zariman, we made changes to Operator Transference to make it Client-Authoritative to alleviate the common scenario of latency. After the change was made, players noted that there was now a cooldown in between Transferences that was causing delays when performed back to back. We have made improvements so that the cooldown is much less felt. It is worth noting that there are still some idle animation bugs that can happen at zero cooldown, but the improvement will be noticeable regardless.



On the introduction of Overguard, we mentioned that we would be improving how some ability mechanics function with Overguard, this is a continuation of those efforts. So we have made several changes, the majority of which cover how Overguard reacts with lifesteal.

  • Fixed Garuda’s Blending Talons Augment not triggering when hitting an enemy with Overguard is affected by a Slash Status Effect.
  • Fixed Gauss’s Kinetic Plating not generating battery when melee attacking enemies with Overguard.
  • Fixed Protea’s Temporal Anchor not counting damage to Overguard when building up damage for the temporal implosion blast.
  • Fixed Zephyr’s Tailwind Target Fixation Augment not counting enemies with Overguard when building up extra damage.
  • Fixed Hema not restoring health on headshots against enemies with Overguard.
  • Fixed Hirudo not restoring health on critical hits against enemies with Overguard.
  • Fixed enemies affected by Frost’s Avalanche not losing any armor while Overguard is active.

If there are any other cases where Lifesteal isn’t applying from Overguard, please let us know on the Forums and we will take a look!

With Baro Ki’Teer’s inventory fully synced on all platforms, the team has progressed toward the following Cross Play objective: syncing all world-state content. This sync includes everything from Sorties, Void Fissures, Day/Night cycle, Town Vendors, Bounties, and everything in between that has a timer system. Additionally, the Relays active/destroyed on PC now apply to the console Star Chart, making them synced across the board. We had aspirations to do a “Relay Rebuilding” event, but to get Cross Play sooner than later, we’ve decided to forgo that idea.

Our next objective is the public Cross Play test between select Platforms to gather feedback and bugs. Expect news about those tests, hopefully soon!

  • We’ve updated the 2FA “thank you for enabling” item from the Fae Path Ephemera to a 3-Day Affinity Booster.
    • Due to the inability to enable 2FA on consoles, the Fae Path Ephemera became a Baro Ki’teer item on consoles as a way for them to obtain it. With Baro Ki’Teer’s inventory now synced across the board, swapping the 2FA reward was essential to us to continue advocating for players to enable it


Built for espionage and accounting alike, a set of Sisters of Parvos armor is now in the hands of the Tenno!

These armor pieces are equippable on both Warframes and Kahl:

  • Sorex Chest Plate
  • Sorex Shoulder Guards
  • Sorex Leg Guards

These armor pieces are available for purchase directly in the in-game Market.

Note that while we are only releasing one of the Sisters of Parvos sets initially shown in the art for the Sisters of Parvos update, our goal is to have all three sets available in the future!



  • The Broken Veil Shoulder Armor is here! Declare that your vision will not be clouded when you wear this armor. Find it in the in-game Market!
    Added a Countdown Timer to the current Nightwave season when 2 weeks are remaining.
  • *countdown numbers in the image above were used as placeholders. 
  • In-Game Surveys are being added to better understand players’ experiences. Some players will receive an in-game survey upon attempting to close Warframe. While the survey is optional and players can skip it if they would like to, we strongly encourage participation as it helps with continued game development.
  • Added a Warframe launcher warning to inform you that your PC will not meet the minspec requirements. Learn more in our PSA: PC Minimum Supported Specs Changes Coming in 2023.
  • Added Companion, Archwing and Necramech level in the Arsenal.
  • Added the following Warframe Noggles to the in-game Marketplace
    • Nidus
    • Gauss
    • Titania
    • Grendel


  • Ignis Wraith Research is now available to all Clans!
    • Take a trip down memory lane with me as we travel back to 2017. Operation: The Pacifism Defect event concludes, and the top 10% of Clans in their tier are awarded the Research for the Ignis Wraith. Fast forward to 2022, and Research remains within those Clans, showing some unfortunate side effects of Trading manipulation. After internal discussion, the team decided to add the Ignis Wraith Research to all Clans with some rules:
      • Ignis Wraith Blueprint Research requires the Clan to have a Rank of 10 and will be three times more expensive – we believe it’s vital that Clans earn the Research for those who did not place in the Operation.
      • Ignis Wraith Blueprint is now untradable – protecting players from Trade manipulation who might be unaware that it’s now available in Clan Research.
      • Ignis Wraith Blueprint’s sell price is now equal to the acquire price of 15,000 Credits – Allowing those who might have stockpiled Blueprints for Trading purposes to make back their Credits.
  • Added an “Accept All” option in the Pending section of the Clan Menu to allow you to approve all pending Clan join requests.
  • Removed the automatic message notifying members that a player has been kicked, has left, or has been rejected from the Clan.
  • Added a toggle while in the Dojo to toggle the Map visibility.
  • Missed note from previous hotfixes: Added ability to toggle character shadows while in  the Dojo.
  • Fixed the cancel button not being visible when visiting a Clan Ad screen for the first time from the Clan screen.
    • Also fixed two loading spinners appearing when loading into the Clan AD screen.
  • Fixed issues of the Starlight Market Dojo room clipping into other rooms.
  • Fixed controller input binding missing to expand the Legend list in the Dojos.



  • Operator Energy pickups will now be shared with Warframe.
    • Note that this won’t affect Warframe mods that trigger certain conditions off energy pick-up while in Operator mode (ie. Health Conversion).
  • Included Message when unlocking a Void Relic to indicate which Void Relic buff is active and a brief explanation of what it does.
  • The Index Investment screen has been refreshed and will now apply selected themes.
  • Equinox’s split form while using the Duality Augment Mod will now retrieve ammo while active.
  • Added a mechanism which permanently unlocks Arbitration missions one you have completed all current mission nodes. Even if we add new mission nodes in the future, you will not lose access to Arbitrations.
  • Arbitrations now give +500 Health to the chosen Warframe and 2 additional weapons will appear as buff eligible.
  • Added refresh timers to all UI screens where Daily Cap is shown (Syndicates).
  • Reduced the number of Syndicate Medallions required to complete the Riven Challenge from 12-16 to 8-12.
  • Re-added the remaining Voidplume UI counter onboard the Zariman (similar to Medallions in Syndicate Missions).
  • Made Eidolon Shards redeemable for 2500 Focus, similar to how Brilliant and Radiant shards have the same functionality.
  • Eidolon Shards can now be fed in bundles of 25 to appease the Helminths Sentient appetite.
  • The following Warframe Blueprints that can be obtained from Simaris can now be sold for Credits:
    • Atlas Blueprint
    • Chroma Blueprint
    • Titania Blueprint
    • Gara Blueprint
    • Inaros Blueprint
  • Weapon FX Brightness adjustments – The following weapons have had their explosion FX tweaked for teammates:
    • Cedo
      • Glaive explosion fx, particles will now have reduced brightness for teammates.
    • Bubonico
      • Adjusted the Bubonico’s Alt fire explosion to be reduced for teammates.
    • Corvas Prime
    • Fixed some stacking explosion FX issues with the Ogris Nightwatch Napalm mod, and made it respect Reduce Team FX settings.
  • Updated thrown weapons to now only show a single projectile in hand when only one 1 projectile is remaining before reloading. This affects the following weapons:
    • Kunai
    • Castanas
    • Talons
    • Hikou
    • Pox
    • Despair
  • Changed all ‘Thrown Blade’ skin names to ‘Thrown Weapon’.
  • Titania’s Moyturan Wings auxiliary attachment from the Donann skin will now flap when she is in Razorwing mode.
    • Note: If equipped on Titania Prime, her Primed energy wings will not appear.
  • Added sound FX to Eximus when their Overguard shields are depleted.
  • Added explosion FX to the Corvas Prime while in Archwing.
  • Un-owned Landing Crafts will now appear for purchase in the Landing Craft inventory list.
  • Changed the ‘Enable Voice’ option to be off by Default.
  • Felarx Incarnon Form changes:
    • These changes were made thanks to Community Feedback that the Felarx was struggling compared to other Incarnon weapons in its class. 
    • Now uses a larger projectile.
    • Increased damage while in Incarnon Form from 600 to 700.
    • Increased the FX on the Incarnon Form.
    • Fixed unintended animation behavior with the shells during reload.
  • Improved the confirmation messages for installing and purchasing Orokin Catalysts and Gravimags, as well as explaining what’s being installed and why.
  • Mining Vendors in Open-Worlds now carry a Relic-pack that can be purchased from their Offerings, similar to the Relic pack that is currently available for Syndicate standing.
  • Drifter eye FX will now be hidden when in the midst of the Smoke Screen ability.
  • Searching within the Arsenal now prioritizes item name over item description.
  • Added Globelight interaction onboard the Zariman near the external ship bay.
  • Made volume adjustments to some ambient music on board the Zariman.
  • Holding RB on controller now opens the Operator ability menu like it does for Warframes.
  • The Modding Menu now shows relevant currencies to the Mod you are working on in the currency bar rather than the top corner for the Modding Menu.
  • Updated the icons on Riven Mod packs in the in-game Market and in the Daily Tribute options.
  • Updated the description of the following Melee abilities to indicate that they scale with the mods on your melee weapon as well as your current melee combo.
    • Atlas’ Landslide
    • Khora’s Whipclaw
    • Gara’s Shattered Lash
  • When selecting UI Themes in the Customization aimenu, the icons now enlarge on hover.
  • Adjusted the name of Shotgun Spazz (including Amalgam version) to Shotgun Barrage.
    • In light of being educated by concerned players on word connotations.
  • The Nightwave Series banner now increases scale on hover.
  • Adjusted how the Somatics blend with the Holdfast NPC’s.
  • Slightly increased the Eximus Nox Helmet armor.
  • Updated the volume of Drifter vocalization on jumping.
  • Updated the FX of applying an Orokin Catalyst.
  • Updated the Syndicate Menu width for certain languages.
  • Made several improvements to the navigation and objective markers in the Corpus Ice Planet tilset.
  • Improved the skybox lighting in the Drifter Camp.
  • Increased recovery window for self-knockdowns and self-staggers.
  • Changed Corpus Orbiter decoration materials to be a bit brighter/more punchy.
  • Weapon descriptions are now left aligned. Making big moves here, bet you didn’t see that one coming now did you.
  • Purchases on the Warframe website and when purchasing TennoGen now use new backend science to determine the currency/region pricing. Most players won’t notice this change, but we wanted to be transparent for those who may see a currency difference.


  • Optimized the particle FX on the Ogris.
  • Optimized performance of various screens that showed a grid of items.
  • Optimized framerate during certain in-game Syndicate transmissions.
  • Optimized waypoints on Venus to save memory.
  • Optimized viewing the codex via player profiles in and out of missions.
  • Optimized object rendering for Voidshell skins.
  • Optimized CPU cost of multiple Tributa Statues in Dojos.
  • Improved the loading of several decorations in the Orbiter and Dormizone, notably the Necramech Decorations.
  • Improved perforation for Sporelacer’s secondary projectile.
  • Made several memory and graphics optimizations across the game (including Open Zones, FX, and more).
  • Made optimization to the memory used in missions.
  • Made a micro-optimization to level streaming.
  • Made a few micro-optimizations to game code.
  • Made systemic optimizations to memory footprint for all platforms.
  • Made systemic micro-optimizations to game code systems.
  • Improved how players are loaded from the Plains of Eidolon back to Cetus.
  • Fixed an issue where a large hitch in the middle of a fast travel could leave the screen white.
  • Fixed significant performance drops when using a weapon skin that changes projectile visuals, using high amounts of multishot, and Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors.
  • Fixed frame rate-dependent animation reload inconsistencies with the Felarx.
  • Fixed spot loading hitch when ranking up in Nightwave.
  • Fixed a spot-building/loading hitch that would occur when accepting an invite to a Dojo.
  • Fixed loading issue for the Post New War landscapes (Orb Vallis & The Plains of Eidolon).


  • Fixed Khora’s Whipclaw passing through enemies at 2-9m range (which made enemies very difficult to hit if you are aiming at them) and causing the explosion to occur behind them.
  • Fixed Titania’s Razorflies always facing the same direction. They should be more dynamic now!
  • Fixed Titania’s Razorflies triggering the effect of the Secondary Deadhead and Pax Seeker Arcanes.
  • Fixed being able to fly around after being downed as Titania while Razorwing is active, which was also causing loss of functionality.
  • Fixed the Tentacles of Hydroid’s Tentacle Swarm targeting your companion before enemies.
  • Fixed issue where “X/Y Medallions Found” could get out of sync for players who were AFK when one of the Medallions was picked up.
  • Fixed Zenurik’s Inner Might causing Atlas’ Rubble Heap Augment Mod to cost Energy even when you have over 1400 rubble.
  • Fixed Atlas being able to self-damage and destroy objectives with Tectonics.
  • Fixed Excalibur Umbra randomly deactivating Exalted Blade when playing as Operator.
  • Umbra will now keep Exalted Blade active, and will turn off only if your Exalted Blade deactivates.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Eclipse increasing the scanning time with your Synthesis scanner.
  • Fixed Sevagoth being stuck in slow motion after being controlled by Mutalist Alad V and casting Gloom.
  • Fixed the teleport delay from Drifter Camp to Orbiter (both there and back).
  • Fixed Mag’s Polarize inconsistently removing enemy armor if it affected a group of enemies versus a single unit.
  • Fixed issue of recasting Vast Untime on Xaku consuming a charge of Inner Might but not reducing the casting cost.
  • Fixed the timer for Gyre’s Cathode Grace not increasing duration for Client on Warframe Ability kills.
  • Fixed duration timer in HUD for Volt’s Speed disappearing if another member of the squad is playing Volt and casts Speed at the same time.
  • Fixed the +100 Ability Duration and Status Immunity Helminth Invigorations not applying to Sevagoth’s Shadow.
  • Fixed some melee weapons (ex: Nikana with Blind Justice) not chain attacking while blocking in melee-only mode.
  • Fixed Xoris being able to spontaneously shed combo-stack buffs (Blood Rush/Weeping Wounds) as if they had done a heavy attack, but without actually doing it, when chaining throws.
  • Fixed Steel Path Excavators spawning at level 1 while enemies are level 135. This was a UI bug only, health scaling was working as intended.
  • Fixed incorrect Arching animations when using sprint, aim and dash.
  • Fixed swapping to Alt-fire on the Zenith breaking its functionality for the remainder of the mission
  • Fixed rare issue where enemies killed with Cascadia Empowered would freeze in place after dying.
  • Fixed visual issue with how instant teleports (ex. Nova’s Wormhole and Transference) appear to other players observing the Ability.
  • Fixed Protea’s Blaze Artillery at times temporarily preventing certain inputs from working (melee for example) during the throwing animation.
  • Fixed the Drifter loadout only copying colors from the Operator’s left eye in The New War quest.
  • Fixed issue where Void Slinging into the Zariman Void Angel fight arena before being teleported out would leave the Operator invisibile.
  • Fixed issues of equipping two Amp Arcanes that convert Amp damage to single type (ie. heat) not doing instances of void damage whatsoever.
  • Fixed the Helminth ability Master’s Summon not recalling Moas/Hounds.
  • Fixed getting permanently stuck in the limbo state during The War Within quest if you fall off the cliff in the mountain pass stage.
  • Fixed issue of the Operator getting trapped in the Skybox after dying to the Golden Maw in the War Within Quest.
  • Fixed the signal light material used to highlight the parkour opportunities in the Gas City tileset now flickering orange instead of overbright white.
  • Fixed missing Ordis dialog subtitles in the Limbo Theorem quest.
  • Corrected incorrect wrong emissive texture on Lumis Operator earrings.
  • Fixed Magus Overload’s explosion not dealing damage if the enemy affected was rising from ragdoll.
  • Fixed Magus Overload instantly killing robotic enemies on Void Sling.
  • Fixed Titania being unable to use Blink while in Razorwing when Guardian Shell is active.
  • Fixed an issue where ‘On Void Sling’ Arcanes were mistakenly applying multiple times. This also applied to:
  • Magus Overload
  • Magus Accelerant
  • Fixed Brief Respite Warframe Aura Mod affecting the Operator.
  • Fixed the Aero Vantage Mod causing your Warframe to perform the walk animation while aim-gliding and rolling.
  • Fixed the following Parazon Mods not functioning properly on Thrall Mercy Kills.
  • Blood for Ammo
  • Hard Reset
  • Malicious Code
  • Fixed your character rotating rapidly in the Pause Menu if it was opened while you are toggled into Blocking or you are facing enemies that cause you to automatically Block.
  • Fixed an issue with the exit animation when leaving Railjack stopping abruptly.
  • Fixed environment outside the Railjack not moving for Host when watching Client pilot.
  • Also fixed the Host seeing the spawn location even after the Client had flown around and they had taken over the pilot seat.
  • Fixed backdrop in the Railjack’s window not being correct according to its actual location for Clients who join in-progress missions.
  • Fixed connectivity issues that would occur in Railjack when transitioning between missions.
  • Fixed an issue where exiting the Railjack could make everyone in the squad’s screen fade to black.
  • Fixed being unable to use Garuda’s Claws on Railjack after dying in Archwing.
  • Fixed absurd Operator ragdoll issues.
  • Fixed some emissives on the Kalynex Polearm Skin .
  • Fixed Clients seeing Hosts in flying animation position inside Crewship after using Railjack Archwing Slingshot.
  • Fixed Railjack Crewmembers’ names, notably Converted Liches, overlapping in the Crew UI with their squad number.
  • Fixed Clients being unable to kick crew members off of the Dorsal or Ventral Railjack Turrets if they are already occupying it.
  • Fixed Crew auto-piloting prematurely ending if another ship flies in front of Railjack.
  • Fixed Crew auto-piloting targeting camera position instead of target position.
  • Also tweaked view on the Dorsal, Ventral, and the Tunguska Cannon.
  • Fixed the default Arching Reticle overlapping the custom Incarnon Weapon Reticle when in Archwing.
  • Fixed the last bonus icon in a Plains of Eidolon Bounty showing up as silver (bonus objective failed) even if the bonus has been fulfilled.
  • Fixed custom Reticle color getting reset to white after using Archwing Blink twice in succession. As reported here:
  • Fixed custom Reticle disappearing when dual wielding a Glaive + Pistol and throwing the Glaive when it isn’t fully charged.
  • Fixed Voidshell Material Structures not applying to the Drifter/Operator Voidshell Skin.
  • Fixed custom colors not applying to the Targis Prime Chest and Knee Armor Plates.
  • Fixed the missing explosion sound FX on the Akarius’ projectiles.
  • Fixed being able to escape the Uranus Sealab tileset using Titania’s Razorwing.
  • Fixed check marks missing next to completed Sortie missions in navigation.
  • Fixed the Phobos Corpus Ship fly-in skybox not having the updated Deimos model.
  • Fixed Simaris targets not spawning in the direction they want to target, to prevent them from spinning around.
  • Fixed some cases of Warframes and NPCs falling through elevators.
  • Fixed cases of some Melee weapons being unable to chain attacks while blocking in exclusive Melee mode.
  • Fixed NPC’s being stuck in Relay Elevators when the doors close.
  • Fixed case of Dialogue being in the incorrect order in The Sacrifice Quest during the game of Komi.
  • Fixed the Warframe statue in the Personal Quarters not being visible to visiting players on your Orbiter.
  • Fixed picking up Void Plumes from Void Angels or Melica Caches triggering the “Found X/Y” popup message.
  • Since there are no fixed numbers in the levels from Void Angels/Melica, it didn’t make sense to show messaging for these.
  • Fixed the New Loka Syndicate room outline not appearing in the Relay map.
  • Fixed players not being able to see the Hosts’ featured Warframe when visiting their Orbiter.
  • Fixed players being able to see out of a hole in the Deck 12 Tunnel in the Orb Vallis.
  • Fixed players being able to still fly when being downed as Titania during the Razorwing cast animation.
  • Fixed the final Plains of Eidolon bounty stage displayed as silver (indicating bonus objective failed) even when successful.
  • Fixed not being able to fail the Deimos assassinate bounty when needing to defend the cauldron as it summons the assassination target.
  • Fixed issue of Menu inputs reverting to Keyboard when using Controller on PC and using the attached keyboard in the Arsenal or appearance menu.
  • Fixed some funky water FX in the Drifter Camp.
  • Fixed Client infinitely hanging on the “Waiting for Players” state and failing to join after being invited by Host (from Orbiter) while in the Chrysalith.
  • Fixed the ships that hover around the Zariman being visible in the Railjack Star Chart.
  • Fixed issue of Thrax enemy Spectral Forms re-spawning with 40% Max Health.
  • Fixed issues of Thrax Spectral Forms returning to their Corporeal Form at 2.5x their original health.
  • Fixed white explosions appearing during the “Defeat Grineer Pursuit Target” mission phase in Railjack, in the Raptor Boss Fight and at the end of the Ambulas Boss fight.
  • Fixed cases of one of the Orb Vallis’ Caves generators not draining to give access to Toroids.
  • Fixed the Yareli and Merulina Noggles only being selectable from the base.
  • Fixed Coolant leak reflections not functioning when GPU particle quality is disabled.
  • Fixed rare case of the sky flickering while on board the Zariman.
  • Fixed being unable to equip weapons in the Arsenal while in the Dormizone.
  • Fixed Ayatan Sculptures animating for Clients when they aren’t fully socketed.
  • Fixed the Granum Void and Cephalon Simaris’ target being enabled in the Grendel Locator missions.
  • Fixed Incarnon Weapon reticles being visible in Captura Scenes.
  • Fixed Focus Conversion through the Arsenal physically duplicating your Warframe.
  • Fixed Friends lists sometimes duplicating player names.
  • Fixed being unable to use in Blink Pads Open Worlds while being ragdolled.
  • Fixed the Exolizer progress halting if a Host migration occurs after barriers are destroyed but the Thrax Centurion has not yet spawned in Zariman Void Cascade missions.
  • Fixed issue of Map loading within the Zariman causing spawn issues following Host migration.
  • Fixed issue where Void Slinging into a Void Angel could cause total Operator functionality loss.
  • Fixed Exodampers in Void Armaggeddon reviving at full health after a Host migration.
  • Fixed offline Exodampers in Void Armageddon switching places and changing debuffs after Host migration.
  • Fixed Host being able to hear a ping song every time they or a Client places a waypoint.
  • Also fixed Clients being unable to hear placed waypoints at all when placed.
  • Fixed Prime Parts being sorted at the bottom of the end of mission screen.
  • They will now be sorted with the same importance as Prime Blueprints.
  • Fixed Client being unable to board Railjack after completing a mission if the Host is not inside the Railjack.
  • Fixed an issue where Clients would sometimes never get the prompt to kick a crewmate out of the Pilot’s seat.
  • Fixed the fuselage of the default Railjack skin missing in the Dry dock, cinematics, and missions.
  • Fixed overblown FX on the Ram Jammer Railjack Intrinsic.
  • Fixed enemies teleporting to their shooting position when approaching Rampart turrets, completely skipping their transition animation.
  • Fixed the collision on Friendly Kuva Liches & Sisters of Parvos to ensure they can now enter certain spaces, such as elevators.
  • Fixed being unable to rotate Landing Craft when customizing it with a controller.
  • Fixed losing all your Molt Augmented Arcane stacks after a Host migration.
  • Fixed being able to trigger a stealth kill on low health enemies instead of performing a Mercy Kill with your Parazon.
  • Fixed the feet and legs of the Khora’s Ushuru Skin appearing sunken and stretched.
  • Fixed for Melee elemental FX not showing up when loading into a level.
  • Fixed the ‘Marathoner’ Plains of Eidolon Challenge counting meters traveled when using the Blink Pads.
  • Fixed missing texture on Drakgoon’s default projectiles.
  • Fixed Kuva Trokarians not using their anti-Warframe spears.
  • Fixed multiple map holes in the Dormizone.
  • Fixed several map holes in the Southwest corner of the Plains of Eidolon.
  • Fixed your character shifting between postures when pressing forward while other keys are pressed down.
  • Fixed issue where the Oull Parazon Mod icon was not displaying in the Mod upgrade screen.
  • Fixed the incorrect mask colors for Executioner Vay Molta in Dog Days.
  • Fixed a couple decal issues on pillars aboard the Zariman.
  • Fixed being able to send the Capital Ship to the Void early in The Call of the Temperstarii Quest.
  • Fixed Sentinel UI information completely disappearing (name, downed status, level, etc.) when killed in a mission.
  • Fixed Quinn’s high threat level transmission playing instead of his extraction transmission right when Extraction becomes available.
  • Fixed an animation pop that would occur when equipping a weapon that has the ‘Visible When Holstered’ option enabled in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed the ‘Darvo Deal’ sale tag appearing in the in-game Market randomly when you own a coupon.
  • Fixed the following decorations not being able to be chat linked:
  • Boot Trophy
  • Flagellocanth trophy
  • Lobotriscid trophy
  • Fixed tileset not loading in through doorways in the Kuva Fortress until you get close enough for the opening animation to start.
  • Fixed Mods showing up in the End of Mission screen regardless of what is typed.
  • Fixed the Auditor in the Index deploying laser barriers nowhere near its current position.
  • Fixed issue with Corpus helmets popping off on spawn.
  • Fixed purchase button appearing over Operator faces.
  • Fixed access to forbidden areas in the New Loka area in Relays.
  • Fixed map hole in the post New War Plains of Eidolon near Mount Nang.
  • Fixed End of Mission screen not covering the top of the screen.
  • Fixed issues with textures not responding properly to light.
  • Fixed Sister of Parvos dialogue “I claim this sector” when they have retreated to the final Railjack confrontation.
  • Fixed rare issue with Atlas’ Tectonics Ability.
  • Fixed issue of Clients not appearing to squadmates as though they’re moving after loading into the mission.
  • Fixed skybox issue on board the Zariman.
  • Fixed the “Updating Account Information. Please wait.” message not disappearing in poor network conditions with the end of a mission screen.
  • Fixed mentions of Platinum being capitalized in Trading windows.
  • Fixed “Fortuna” and “Spaceport” location labels appearing in title case in minimap while the rest are uppercase.
  • Fixed issue related to shaders responsible for explosions.
  • Fixed weird bracket offsets on context actions.
  • Fixed rare case of being unable to see Operator in another player’s Profile diorama.
  • Fixed Clients seeing asterisks instead of the threat level Void Cascade missions when the Host is playing in another language.
  • Fixed “Syndicate Disruption” and “Fissure Kuva Survival” mission labels in the World State Window appearing in title case when they should be in uppercase.
  • Fixed rare issue with decorations.
  • Fixed collision issues with several Displays so they fit more flush to walls when decorating. This change will retroactively apply to any of the following Displays that are already placed.
  • Kahl-175 Community Display
  • Teshin Community Display
  • Veso Community Display
  • Vala and Parvos Community Display
  • Yareli Community Display
  • Pride Community Display
  • Fixed issues with leaving your squad while in a Relay.
  • Fixed not being able to launch event missions from the World State Window in Navigation.
  • Fixed collision issues with one of the Hydroponic walls in the Zariman.
  • Fixed text issues in the Operator Focus Menu for the Ukrainian language.
  • Fixed issues of text being cut off when viewing weapon stats in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed missing Operator Energy UI during The War Within quest.
  • Fixed issues of Warframes stuttering while moving when in situations with connectivity. When observed, Warframes will not appear to move smoothly regardless of connectivity.
  • Fixed instances of your Operator appearing in the opening cinematic for the Heart of Deimos Quest.
  • Fixed the Arbiters of Hexis Armor connection points being wonky on Hildryn. As reported on here: https://www.reddit.com/gallery/wp7gdf
  • Fixed instances where the incorrect dialogue would play out of order in The Sacrifice Quest.
  • Fixed missing Ordis lines in the War Within quest.
  • Fixed interrupting Sancti Tigris mid-reload leaving floating cartridges in the air.
  • Fixed a large door in the Zariman appearing much darker than its surroundings.
  • Fixed ‘Hey Kiddo’ pal positioning being wonky.
  • Fixed being unable to chat-link most Helmets and Weapons Skins.
  • Fixed rare Crash when playing Railjack.
  • Fixed the Tar Mutalist’s ranged attack puddle on impact appearing perpendicular to the ground.
  • Fixed fix missing landing sounds FX when using Yareli’s Merulina boosters.
  • Fixed crash after picking up certain items (e.g. Vomvalyst energy) with Sevagoth’s Shadow and then dying and respawning.
  • Fixed crash when certain enemies attempt to melee attack.
  • Fixed a rare crash that occurred when changing between levels.
  • Fixed a rare crash that would occur with some audio.
  • Fixed script error with Baruuk’s Serene Storm.
  • Fixed script error when using Trinity’s Link on board a POI and then returning to the Railjack.
  • Fixed script error that would occur in Captura.
  • Fixed Warframe Launcher not auto-selecting language on OS with the language set to Traditional Chinese.
  • Fixed script error that occasionally occurred when one of Caliban’s summoned Conculysts were killed.
  • Fixed Crash that occurred in New War Quest related to Last Gasp when starting as the Drifter.
  • Fixed script error that could occur when spawning Sentient enemies in the Simulacrum.
  • Fixed script error when viewing the Eidolon Lure in Codex.
  • Fixed script error related to the Soma Prime.
  • Fixed some of the recommended trick inputs being incorrect in the Waverider Quest.
  • Fixed the Imperial Rampart Codex entry using the model for the regular Rampart.
  • Fixes towards an out of memory crash during The New War.

We showed a new Landing Craft on Devstream #163, but there were some issues with it so it is not launching this update, but will be coming in the future!

Source: Warframe

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