Vučić emphasizes that he remembers and appreciates Russia’s help, but cannot promise to permanently abandon sanctions

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic confirmed that he remembers and appreciates Russia’s help, including in the UN, but cannot promise that he will not support Western sanctions forever.

Vučić told Serbian radio and television he may remember negative examples of Russian behavior, such as Moscow’s support for sanctions against Belgrade, but he “will never forget” how Russia blocked in the UN Security Council in 2015 a British draft resolution on Srebrenica that would recognize the executions 1995 genocide.

Vučić added: “I will not forget 2015, when I personally called Russian President Vladimir Putin and asked him to help us at the UN, and he answered.”

In response to a question about Belgrade’s possible support for sanctions against Russia, he said: “The question is open, and I cannot swear about it.”

The Serbian President has previously confirmed that his country may be forced to impose sanctions against Russia due to Western pressure on it.

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