Volodin: problems of EU fiscal policy will be aggravated

The head of the Russian State Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, said that the problems of the EU’s fiscal policy are likely to worsen, which could lead to a weakening of the euro and a return to national currencies.

He came Published for him with your channel In the Telegram app, Volodin pointed out that the eurozone, which competes with the dollar, is weakening, and expensive American resources are being imposed on Europe, and these problems are aggravating, which could cause a crisis in the European Union as a result of the weakening of the euro and, possibly, a return to national currencies.

Volodin continued: “The United States of America is in no hurry to help European countries because this situation is beneficial for them,” noting that US President Joe Biden had previously said that the dollar would rise to 200 rubles per dollar, but the price of the dollar today in Russia is 52 rubles, and euro 55 rubles.

Volodin emphasized that “the ruble is backed by real goods and resources, that is, things without which it is impossible to live in the modern world. That is why our national currency is strengthening,” adding that the situation with the euro is different, as the speaker of the State Duma noted, “the EU is used to living off debt, which has reached a critical level for a number of European countries.” In particular, he cited as an example Greece, where the debt is 185.4% of GDP, Italy (150.56% of GDP), Portugal (121.64% of GDP), Spain (116.38% of GDP) and France (112 .58% of GDP). .

“In the past, the rich countries of the European Union could provide assistance to the poorer European neighbors, but today they have the same problems. It is unlikely that Germany and other Nordic countries, which pulled Greece out of bankruptcy 7 years ago, will be able to help today,” Volodin stressed that the situation has worsened over time.

Source: Telegram

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